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Nicholas Hofgren

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Nicholas Hofgren is a London-based financier and fund placement advisor. He is the son-in-law of late Sir Terence Conran, the English designer, restaurateur, retailer and writer.

Early life

Nicholas W. Hofgren was born in Washington DC on February 7, 1970. Son of Daniel W. Hofgren, former aide to President Richard M. Nixon and Alexandra Hofgren, daughter of F.G Walton Smith, the Miami oceanographer. He grew up in Washington DC and Bermuda before deciding he would like to pursue a career in finance.


He studied English/History at Emory University, Atlanta and received a degree in Hyper-Inflationary Finance from IESA in Caracas. He also completed graduate studies at the United States Department of Agriculture after graduating in 1996.


Hofgren has worked in international finance since 1989, working in North America, Latin America, Russia and the UK. He has dealt primarily in private equity partnerships, capital raising, investment and fundraising campaigns in the European Middle Eastern and African territories for various financial organisations including: JP Morgan Chase, Bank of America, Brunswick Capital Partners and ALTA International.
He is currently co-founder of Westly House Partnership, a privately held partnership providing capital raising support to private equity and real estate firms, a company he formed with Christopher Jackson in 2008.
Nicholas was appointed CEO of Vordere PLC on November 15, 2016, a real estate management company listed on the London Stock Exchange

Vordere PLC Controversy

On October 24, 2019, Nicholas Hofgren along with his fellow board members Stuart Cheek and Graeme Johnson were removed with a 72% vote by Vordere shareholders.
Hofgren, CEO of Vordere appointed Max Gallagher his brother-in-law and stepson of late Sir Terence Conran as the COO of the company.
The petitioner Mr O’Donnell called for the extraordinary meeting to remove Hofgren and two other board members.
The board consisting of Hofgren, Cheek, Johnson and Brent Fitzpatrick MBE acquired a GBP 25,855,594.92 Brazilian property portfolio three days prior to their removal by Mr O'Donnell's extraordinary meeting. The £25,855,594.92 transaction was carried out without due diligence and with ‘conditions subsequent’. Mr O’Donnell approached the Honourable High Courts of London to set aside the Brazilian transaction to which relief was granted.
On December 23, 2019, the High Court of Justice, London, has granted the Company an injunction against the former directors of the Company, Messrs. Nicholas Hofgren, Stuart Cheek and Graeme Johnson preventing those former directors from deleting or destroying any Company documents pending a full hearing for delivery up of Company documents.
On July 30, 2020, according to the letter posted on the Vordere PLC's website titled "results of general meeting," the letter states "the company continues to vigorously pursue the former directors and associated companies and has sent a Letter Before Claim to setting out the alleged wrongdoings of the former removed Board and detailing the basis under which the Company intends to pursue its claim." The notice further goes on to mention that the aforementioned letter of claim has been sent to Nicholas Hofgren, Stuart Cheek, Graeme Johnson, Brent Fitzpatrick. The four ousted Board of Directors. Additionally, the letter mentions two companies, both owned by Hofgren to whom the letter of claim has been sent. The companies are GFG UK and GFG Limited.

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