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Draga Ljočić

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Draga Ljočić Milošević (1855–1926), was a Serbian physician, socialist, and feminist. She was the first Serbian woman to be accepted at the university of Zürich in Switzerland in 1872. During the war between Serbia and the Ottoman Empire, she worked as a medical assistant in the army and received the grade of a Lieutenant. In 1879, she graduated and thereby became the first Serbian female doctor in medicine. She was permitted to practice in Serbia in 1881. She was also a leading figure within the newly founded Serbian women's rights movement.
She was also the first female doctor in the Balkan Wars and the Great War, and one of only a dozen women working as doctors in Europe at that time.


On 22 February 2016, Google Doodle commemorated her 161st birthday.


  • Draga Ljocic: Ein Beitrag zur operativen Therapie der Fibromyome des Uterus, Zürich 1878, (Dissertation Universität Zürich 1878, 115 Seiten).
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