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Poovathani is a small village bordering Malappuram and Palakkad Districts in Kerala, India. It is shared by three grama panchayaths: Thachanattukara, Aliparamba and Thazhekode.
The name Poovathani is derived from two Malayalam words "poovam" (local name of a tree) and "Athani" (meaning shelter).


The old mosque built with laterite, wood and tiles at Poovathani was renovated to a two storeyed concrete building in the late seventies with the major finaciers being the NRIs from the region.
Poovathani is always remembered for its market or Poovathani chantha. It was started by Pothiyil Thottiparambil Sayed Haji(Grad father of P T Syed sahib). It was once chief commercial centre for merchants from thazhekode,aliparamba,thachanattukara.


Poovathani is a small village located about one kilometre away from Karinkallathani, an ever expanding town between Mannarkkad and Perinthalmanna on NH 213.Poovathani is located between Karinkallathani and Thootha on the thootha vettaththoor road


Poovathani lost its lustre as a weekly market where small traders from in and around this village used to gather on Mondays with the starting of bus services to nearby interior places like Alipparamba, Kampuram and Chethalloor. Otherwise people from
these places had to depend on Poovathani for household items and other essential goods from an array of small and medium shops located on both sides of the main road at Povathani.


The village was self-sufficient in the sense that it had all that was required for a village community, viz, provisional stores, tea shops, hotels, textile shops, tailor shops, Vaidyans, small lodges, library, an upper primary school, ration shop, slaughter houses and mosque, etc.

Weekly Markets

The weekly market which existed for a long time would make the whole area a lively one from Sunday evening till Tuesday evening every week. There used to be a lot of hustle and bustle on Mondays when one could see large gatherings of people in the market. It was a place for selling vegetables for those who cultivated their own in farmyards got vacant after harvest of paddy. It was a place for buying cheap dry fish which was the only affordable non vegetarian item for most of the population those days. The children of the place eagerly awaited Mondays to come as they used to get coins from some of the visiting traders in the market and some rich people of the place as well.


Most of the people lived in poverty. Most of them had to depend on their livelihood by working for the handful of lucky people who owned large chunks of farmland and coconut plantations. The situation changed for the good after the gulf boom. Many people from the area tried their fortune in the gulf countries even risking their lives and property for their journeys. Most of them succeeded in getting rich in time.


The nearby Karinkallathani came into prominence with the transportation facility improving and Poovathani was reduced to a place of unimportance. The weekly market slowly vanished. The property where the thriving weekly market existed once was sold for partition among its heirs and concrete houses were built in its place.

Places of worship

Poovathani Juma Masjid is a chief place of worship for Muslims. There is an ancient temple nearby, known as Panamkurussi Bagavathi Temple. In the annual week-long festival of this temple popularly known as "Panamkurussi Kavu Pooram" people from all religious sects actively participate.Ancient Hindu art forms like Cherumakkali, Thullal,Chakyar koothu etc. were played at the poorapparambu.The Pooram festival is the only festival which gives an exposure for such art forms to members of other communities of the region.

Educational institutions

Poovathani has played a pivotal role in the socio educational development of the region with the presence of well-educated community in all respective fields. There is an Upper Primary School, namely, A.M.U.P. School established in 1938. This school is one of the biggest schools in Perintalmanna "Educational Sub District".There are three religious schools (Madrasas) also to provide religious education to children. There is a Balavadi also. Apart from the school and Balavadi there are no major government or government aided establishments in Poovathani.
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