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Passara ( ) is a small town in Badulla District, Uva Province of Sri Lanka. The town is located on Peradeniya-Badulla-Chenkalady main road, approximately away from Badulla town.


The government owned schools in Passara area are listed below.
  • Passara Central College.
  • Passara Gamunu Maha Vidyalaya.
  • Gonagala Maha Vidyalaya.
  • Meeriyabedda Vidyalaya.
  • Sapuroda Vidyalaya.
  • Paramahankada Maha Vidyalaya.
  • Thennuge Vidyalaya.
  • Madugasthalawa Vidyalaya.
  • Passara Tamil Maha Vidyalaya.
  • Gonakele Tamil Maha Vidyalaya.
  • Passara Muslim Maha Vidyalaya.
  • Dameriya No.1 Tamil Vidyalaya.
  • Dameriya No.2 Tamil Vidyalaya.
  • Dameriya No.3 Tamil Vidyalaya.
  • Elteb No.1 Tamil Vidyalaya.
  • Elteb No.2 Tamil Vidyalaya.
  • Elteb No.3 Tamil Vidyalaya.
  • Thennuge Tamil Vidyalaya.
  • Galbokka Tamil Vidyalaya.
  • Mahadowa Tamil Vidyalaya.
  • Passara No. 2 Tamil Vidyalaya.
  • Passara No.4 Tamil Vidyalaya.

Tourist attractions

  • Passara Raja Maha Vihara is an ancient temple, believed to be built during the reign of King Sri Vikrama Rajasingha and located in the Pallegama area.
  • Ardun Falls is a waterfall located near to Passara Madolsima road.
  • Geradi Ella Falls is a waterfall located on Medawela road about from Passara town.

External links

  • Passara Divisional Secretariat
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