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Ruse of Engagement

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Ruse of Engagement ( ; literally "The Traitor Escapes") is a Hong Kong action crime television drama produced by TVB. Created by Amy Wong, the drama follows two brothers who work as paramilitary officers in the Anti-Terrorist Force (ATF), a fictional intelligence agency inspired by the Counter Terrorism Response Unit of the Hong Kong police force. Ruse of Engagement aired on 17 March to 18 April 2014 on TVB Jade with 25 episodes.


A bright environment does not mean that darkness does not exist, a peaceful society does not mean that danger does not exist. This era needs a vigilant society to be prepared for emergencies and unexpected events. Although natural disasters and violent acts cause people to panic, the scariest is actually people's mind.
Carson and Alfred, two brothers raised by their widowed mother Tong Shuk-fun, join Hong Kong’s elite police force ATF together. Each specialising in a different talent, Carson succeeds in the force's intelligence unit while Alfred joins ATF's operations unit. With both brothers earning the respect and trust of their superior, ACP Steve Shum, Shuk-fun thought that it was finally time for her to retire in peace.
However, after receiving a piece of intelligence, the two brothers suddenly change sides and become enemies. Carson discovers reliable information about a secret organization through journalist Yip Ting, and he almost loses his life investigating it. Unable to reinstate himself back in the team, he convinces his girlfriend Jessica, an intelligence analyst for ATF, to secretly obtain information from the force's database to help with his investigation.
With details of the case leaking to the opposing organization, Alfred believes that his brother is the mole. Meanwhile, Carson focuses his efforts on luring the real mole, abandoning all ethics in the process.

Main Cast

  • Louise Lee as Tong Shuk-fun
  • Ruco Chan as Carson Chong Yau-ching
  • Ron Ng as Alfred Chong Yau-kit
  • Aimee Chan as Jessica Chung Yat-ka
  • Yoyo Mung as Yip Ting

Recurring Cast

  • Eddie Kwan as Steven Shum Chi-ngo
  • Lai Lok-yi as "Negative" Fu Wang-leung
  • Kenny Wong as Ko Wai
  • Law Lok-lam as Kiu Kim-hang
  • Joseph Lee as Chung Lai-him
  • Vivien Yeo as Yeung Lok-man
  • Leanne Li as Betty "Beauty" Yeung Yan-mei
  • Pancy Chan as Bonnie (Security)
  • Andy Lau as Alan
  • Alan Luk as Don Chan Ho-pong
  • Fred Cheng as Eric Lee Kam
  • Wu Kei-fung as Ben
  • Fok Kin-bong as Cheung Yiu
  • Jacky Lei as Lawrence
  • Vin Choi as Chung Ching-nam
  • Li Shing-cheong as Wong Kwok-wing
  • Kim Li
  • Dickson Lee as Paul Sir
  • Calvin Chan
  • Joey Law
  • Otto Chan
  • Bond Chan
  • Gill Mohindepaul Singh
  • Steven Ho


Ruse of Engagement was a drama that was warehoused for three years by TVB. First introduced to audiences at the 2010 TVB Sales Presentation, then known as the working title "ATF". Production began in May 2011 with Ka Wai Nam (賈偉南) helming the screenplay. Production for the anticipated drama was completed in early September 2011, and post-production work, including the soundtrack additions were completed by late 2012, but for unknown reasons, the broadcast date was pushed back several times by TVB . In May 2013, TVB promoted Ruse of Engagement as one of its top 17 productions to look forward to at the 17th HK FILMART. In early January 2014, TVB finally confirmed that Ruse of Engagement will premiere in March of this year.“Ruse of Engagement” Finally Coming March 17. Retrieved 7-3-14

Viewership ratings

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WeekEpisodesDateAverage PointsPeaking Points
101-05March 17–21, 20142731
206-10March 24–28, 20142628
311-15March 31-April 4, 20142528
416-20April 7–11, 20142530
521-25April 14–18, 20142729

International broadcast

  • - NTV7

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