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  Solovyov, Solovyev, Solovjev, or Soloviev (Russian: Соловьёв) is a Russian masculine surname, its feminine forms are Solovyova, Solovyeva or Solovieva. It derives from the first name or nickname Solovei (соловей), which also means nightingale in Russian. The surname may refer to the following people:
  • Aleksei Solovyov (born 1996), Russian footballer
  • Alexander Solovyov (disambiguation), multiple people
  • Alexey Soloviev (disambiguation), multiple people
  • Anatoly Solovyev (born 1948), Russian cosmonaut
  • Andrey Soloviev (1953–1993), Russian war photographer
  • Anjelika Solovieva (born 1980), Kyrgyz swimmer
  • Anton Solovyov (disambiguation), multiple people
  • Denis Solovyov (born 1977), Russian footballer
  • Dmitri Solovyov (disambiguation), multiple people
  • Irina Solovyova (born 1937), Soviet cosmonaut
  • Ivan Solovyov (born 1993), Russian football player
  • Jegor Solovjov (1871–1942), Estonian politician
  • Leonid Solovyov (disambiguation), multiple people
  • Mikhail Solovyov (disambiguation), multiple people
  • Nikolay Solovyov (disambiguation), multiple people
  • Oleg Solovyov (born 1973), Russian footballer
  • Pavel Solovyov (1917–1996), Russian aircraft engine engineer
    • Soloviev Design Bureau in Russia
  • Sergey Solovyov (disambiguation), multiple people
  • Sergey Alexandrovich Solovyov (born 1944), Soviet/Russian film director
  • Stefan Soloviev (born 1975), American Agriculture CEO
  • Vasily Solovyov-Sedoi (1907–1979), Soviet composer
  • Viktor Solovyov (disambiguation), multiple people
  • Vladimir Solovyov (disambiguation), multiple people
  • Vladislav Solovyov (born 1973), Russian businessman
  • Vsevolod Solovyov (1849–1903), Russian historical novelist
  • Vyacheslav Solovyov (disambiguation), multiple people
  • Yuri Soloviev (disambiguation), multiple people

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  • Solovyovo, several rural localities in Russia
  • Soloveitchik
  • Ayedonitsky

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