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  Groenewegen or Van Groenewegen is a Dutch toponymic surname. Literally translated as "green roads", the name may refer to an origin in one of several hamlets or streets named Groeneweg in the Netherlands.Groenewegen at the Database of Surnames in The Netherlands. Notable people with this surname include:
  • Dylan Groenewegen (born 1993), Dutch road racing cyclist
  • Han Groenewegen (1888–1980), Dutch architect
  • Jacob Groenewegen (died 1609), Dutch merchant
  • Jane Groenewegen (born 1956), Canadian (Northwest Territories) politician
  • Leo Groenewegen (born 1953), Australian rules footballer
  • Leo Groenewegen (born 1965), Canadian football offensive lineman
  • Robert Groenewegen (born 1960), Australian rules footballer
  • Sara Groenewegen (born 1995), Canadian softball player
;Van Groenewegen
  • Pieter Anthonisz. van Groenewegen (c.1600–1658), Dutch landscape painter
  • Simon van Groenewegen van der Made (1613–1652), Dutch jurist
  • Bram Groeneweg (1905–1988), Dutch long-distance runner
  • Suze Groeneweg (1875–1940), Dutch politician; first woman to be elected into the Dutch parliament
  • Nancy G. Groenwegen, American New York State cabinet secretary

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