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Laast Romeo

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In this page talks about ( Laast Romeo ) It was sent to us on 14/06/2021 and was presented on 14/06/2021 and the last update on this page on 14/06/2021

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A musical artist from Bokaro Steel City , 1. His real name is Kaushal Gahlot. He has got fame from the label Laast Romeo Creation. His father name suchit paswan (gahlot) and his father occupation is farmer mother name Reena Devi ,housewife.. He completed his primary education from gyan Jyoti public school , Dobhi , Bihar.. After sometime he came Bokaro steel city , Jharkhand for his secondary education from Holy cross school, bokaro. He created YouTube channel in 2017 he is very talented guys he struggled with his life to make his dream comes true in 2019 he created some song and made a playlist laast Romeo creation. He song are available in all the music platform.
Some of his songs From Spotify , Jio saavn
His birth was taken place in bodh gaya He is a son of a farmer At the age of 4 year he stared living with her grandmother late Sri nageshwari devi and his grandfather Mr. Basant ram (Indian army) He completed his nursery education from Gyan Jyoti public school , Dobhi , Bihar
He completed his pri primary education from gyan Jyoti public school , Dobhi , Bihar
He joined holy cross school in 2007 Holy cross school , balniketan, balidih , bokaro steel city
He completed his secondary education from Holy cross school, balidih bokaro He selected Commerce for his next future as he is interested in accounts and bussiness studies.
After completing his studies he will try for a baking and management.
Songs by laast Romeo
some of his songs
Laast Romeo Songs
1. Aaurat ft laast Romeo
2. MOM Rap Song
3. School Love Story
4. Bewafa ft. Laast Romeo
5. Hate me haters
6. WhatsApp wala pyar
7. Dost ft. Laast Romeo
8. Reality Ft. Laast Romeo
9. Le aagye
10. Haye Mera Dil (Live) ft. Laast Romeo
His 2 more songs are coming Mai paaglo Ka pagal ft. Laast Romeo
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Source: Laast Romeo

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