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Oghara is a town in Ethiope West Local Government Area of Delta State, Nigeria.
Oghara is one of the most populous and well known city in Delta State and also one of the major clan of Urhobo ethnic group.
The people of Oghara are straight forward, Hospitable and Hard working people they are mainly Christians.
Oghara is an oil producing community in Delta State and also rich in Agricultural produce like Rubber, Palm,plantain and bananas, Yam, Cassava,traditional Poutry Produce, Fish and Man power.
Oghara is located in the western region geo-political zone of Delta State with a population of over 150,000 (males and females).
The town has two major communities, they include Oghareki and Ogharefe.
Oghara Town is home to Some very notable Government Facilities like the Nigerian Naval Logistics Headquarters in the south south, Mopol 51 Base of the Nigeria police Force,Delta State University Teaching Hospital and local Government Council headquarters.
Oghara is a commercial town with the major pan ocean flow station and Gas Plant, Pamol, Presco,JK. It also houses more than 300,000,000 (three hundred million) litre of petroleum products storage tanks belonging to different petroleum marketing companies, this means you can find all petroleum marketing company in Oghara.
Oghara host the most reliable Piquant food market in Delta state one of those is Ubgenu market AKA koko junction market, this market is an exchange point for both Ijaw,Itshekiri,Benin and Urhobo people,Ubgenu market is popular for its Famous varieties of Food product people/Traders from Edo state Anambra and other state in the north including the FCT Patronize the market for Food stuff you may want to try it and see Good stuff.
Other Oghara markets are Ogharefe market, Oghareki market, Oghara junction market and cattle market
Oghara has various educational institutions such as Uherevie Primary School, Oghareki Model Secondary School Oghareki, Ogini Grammar school, Ogharefe Secondary School -Oghara-junction, Delta State Polytechnic in Otefe and Western Delta University(private)

Oghara Royal Families

  • Abutoh
  • Umukoro
  • Etsemitan

Notable people

  • HRM King Noble Eshimetan Orefe III
  • Chief James Onanefe Ibori
  • Christina Ibori
  • Prof. Dere Otubu
  • late Otubu Itse Omene
  • late Dr. S.S.G. Enemeri
  • late Prof Matthew Agbedia
  • Late Willem Ibori
  • Late Mr. Robert Okoro
  • Hon.Ben Ibakpa
  • Air Commodore Brodrick O. Akpotaire (Rtd)
  • Engr.Jeremiah Sakpoba
  • Eghweree Ogheneruonah Charles
  • Chief Stanley Sagboje
  • Sir. Nathaniel Sakpoba
  • Hon. Moses Ogbe
  • Hon. Isaac Udju
  • Hon.Solomon Golley
  • Hon.Erhiatake Ibori

Families in Oghara

Otubu Family, Enemeri Family , Atuma family, Umukoro family, Oke Family, Obire Family, Okoro Family, Uduaghan Family,Sakpoba Family,Akpotaire Family,Ibori family,Omokaro family Oghene family,Gabari family, Ejoh family, Etsemitan/Eshemitan family of Ogharaefe,The Enaigbe family,The Ologbo family,Abunumah family,Akomire family,Ofotokun family, Gboghoro family, Golley Family, Eyaufe family, the Igbinake family, the Uneh family, the Ajaino family, the Osikpa family, Iburu family , the Sagboje family,the Adjekukor Family,the Rehre Family, The Iduwa Family, Obalaye family, The Akpeninor Family, Emabrado family, The Ighere family ,Ojegba Family, Officer Family and more others.

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