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Om himlen och Österlen

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"Om himlen och Österlen" (Swedish for: About Heaven and Österlen) is a popular song composed by Scanian Swedish singer-songwriter Michael Saxell from Ystad in 1991. The lyrics are largely autobiographical; the story of a man who moved to North America from the Österlen region in southeastern Scania at a young age and returned to his homeland later in life. Michael Saxell lived in Vancouver, British Columbia in Canada from 1975 to 1991.
Michael Saxell wrote the song in the early 1990s and it has since been recorded by many Swedish artists including,Information at Svensk mediedatabas Jan Malmsjö, Information at Svensk mediedatabas Östen Warnerbring, Information at Svensk mediedatabas Lasse Stefanz, Information at Svensk mediedatabas Danne Stråhed Information at Svensk mediedatabas and Wizex Information at Svensk mediedatabas as well as by the songwriter himself. Information at Svensk mediedatabas
The song has been described as the new Scanian anthem by Swedish music journalist Christer Olsson.
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