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M1867 Russian Krnka

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The M1867 Russian Krnka (Винтовка Крнка́) was a breech loading conversion of the muzzle-loading Model 1857 Six Line rifle musket designed by Czech arms maker, Sylvester Krnka. It was adopted by the Russian Empire in 1869, and was similar to the contemporary Snider-Enfield and Tabatiere conversions. Conversions were carried out at the Tula armory (TOZ).
Two main versions were produced: infantry and cavalry rifles. Shortly after its introduction to service, the M1867 was replaced by the Berdan rifle, though both weapons would serve simultaneously for a time. The rifles were issued to conscripts and police forces in the Central Asian territories, like Samarkand.
After being taken out of service, many were converted into cheap shotguns.


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