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List of North Korean websites banned in South Korea

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in Japan carries articles of the Korean Central News Agency (KCNA) and is blocked in South Korea.
, there are 65 North Korean-run and pro-North Korean websites blocked in South Korea, a country that practices substantial Internet censorship of diverse content. A test conducted by OpenNet Initiative in 2010 found that most websites blocked in South Korea are related to North Korea. The number of blocked North Korean sites has increased in recent years.
Blocking is based on the National Security Act, and coordinated by the Korea Communications Standards Commission, which also engages in Internet surveillance. The commission is nominally independent but mainly appointed by the government. The blocks are implemented by Internet service providers (ISPs). South Korean law imposes punishments up to seven years of imprisonment for attempting to access blocked sites. According to Reporters Without Borders, blocking of North Korean websites is not viewed favorably by South Korean Internet users and some know how to circumvent it. Internet Archive's Wayback Machine and web caches of search engines are not blocked and include copies of North Korean websites.
In 2005, up to 3,167 webpages unrelated to North Korea were found to be blocked due to blocking IPs at the router level. DNS tampering that prevents domain names to be resolved into correct IPs is also used.
In addition to entire websites, it is possible to block accounts on social media, and some 13 accounts have been blocked on Facebook, YouTube and Twitter, including Uriminzokkiri's Twitter account. Twitter, however, has proven impractical to censor because retweets of North Korean tweets by other users are not blocked. Furthermore, any links to North Korean websites in the tweets are already blocked. Individual contents of websites hosted in South Korea may also be deleted. In 2010, South Korean website administrators were forced to delete 80,499 pro-North Korea messages.
Blocking has increased from previous years. According to Reporters Without Borders, blocking sharply intensified during Lee Myung-bak's presidency. In OpenNet Initiative's 2006 test, the overwhelming majority of tested North Korean websites were blocked. In 2007 and 2008, a significant number of tested North Korean sites remained blocked and blocking was consistent among Internet service providers.

2014 list

The following North Korea-based or pro-North Korean websites were blocked in South Korea in 2014.
{ In North Korea's IP block by Star JV
Koryo PAT Rainbowhttp://{{efngroup=nbWebsite unavailable, discontinued or obsolete .Website of a patent and trademark agencystyle="background-color: #D0E7FF"In North Korea's IP block on the website of Korea Computer Center
Minjok Tongshin and Korean language newsIn USA (Pennsylvania) by 1&1 Internet
Naenara (Korea Computer Center) web portal with news, magazines and music. Naenara is .style="background-color: #D0E7FF"In North Korea's IP block by Star JV
Korean language news of the National Democratic Front of South Korea's branch in Japan and English language news of the Anti-Imperialist National Democratic Front, a South Korean underground political group Dynamic host
North Korea Books online bookstore selling North Korean books, magazines and newspapersIn USA (Andover, Massachusetts) by NaviSite
North Korea Tech blog by British journalist Martyn WilliamsIn USA (Provo, Utah) by Bluehost
Our Nation School ( ) language teachings on the Juche ideaIn China (Shenyang) by China Unicom
Pyongyang International Trade Fairhttp://{{efngroup=nbWebsite unavailable, discontinued or obsolete . Not updated since 2009.Information on the Pyongyang International Trade Fairstyle="background-color: #D0E7FF"In North Korea's IP block on the website of Korea Computer Center
Rodong Sinmun of Rodong Sinmun, the organ of the Central Committee of the Workers' Party of Koreastyle="background-color: #D0E7FF"In North Korea's IP block by Star JV
Voice of Korea website of North Korea's international shortwave broadcasterstyle="background-color: #D0E7FF"In North Korea's IP block by Star JV, on the same server as Naenara
Ryomyong of the National Reconciliation Council. Contains books and music. The domain is owned by Rio IT Production based in Shenyang, China.In Australia by Net Quadrant
Ryugyong Clip in videos and imagesIn China (Shenyang) by China Unicom
Tong Il Han Ma Eum (Association of Peaceful Reunification of the Motherland) language news of the Association of Peaceful Reunification of the Motherland based in Japan (Tokyo)In Japan (Tokyo) by KDDI
Uriminzokkiri news portal. Uriminzokkiri is .In China (Shenyang) by China Unicom

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