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Governor of Anguilla

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thumb260pxrightStandard of the Governor of Anguilla
The Governor of Anguilla is the representative of the monarch British Overseas Territory of Anguilla. The Governor is appointed by the monarch on the advice of the British government. The Governor is the highest authority on Anguilla, but daily business is handled by local Anguillan elected officials. The main role of the Governor is to appoint the Premier of Anguilla.
The Governor's official residence is Government House at Old Ta. The Governor has his own flag: the Union Flag defaced with the Coat of Arms of Anguilla.
The current Governor is Tim Foy, who was sworn in on 21 August 2017.

List of Governors of Anguilla

  • 1982–1983: Charles Henry Godden
  • 1983–1987: Alastair Turner Baillie
  • 1987–1989: Geoffrey Owen Whittaker
  • 1989–1992: Brian George John Canty
  • 1992–1995: Alan William Shave
  • 1995–1996: Alan Hoole
  • 1996–2000: Robert Harris
  • 2000–2004: Peter Johnstone
  • 2004–2006: Alan Huckle
  • 2006–2009: Andrew George
  • 2009–2013: Alistair Harrison
  • 2013–2017: Christina Scott
  • 2017– : Tim Foy

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