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1977–78 Liga Dalet

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In this page talks about ( 1977–78 Liga Dalet ) It was sent to us on 30/07/2021 and was presented on 30/07/2021 and the last update on this page on 30/07/2021

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  The 1977–78 Liga Dalet season saw 102 clubs competing in 8 regional divisions for promotion to Liga Gimel.
Bnei Tarshiha, Hapoel Bu'eine, Hapoel Kafr Manda, Hapoel Muawiya, Hapoel Pardesiya, Hapoel Amishav, Beitar Yavne and Hapoel Bnei Shimon won their regional divisions and promoted to Liga Gimel.
Over the summer, 14 further clubs were promoted to Liga Gimel due to vacancies created in the upper leagues.

Galilee Division

{{#invoke:Sports tablemainstyle=WDL
source=Memo no. 188 IFA
result1=PRO result2=PRO result3=PRO
team1 =BTR win_BTR=14 draw_BTR=4 loss_BTR=6 gf_BTR=59 ga_BTR=31
team2 =BML win_BML=13 draw_BML=6 loss_BML=5 gf_BML=55 ga_BML=30
team3 =HJD win_HJD=13 draw_HJD=4 loss_HJD=7 gf_HJD=64 ga_HJD=37
team4 =MKS win_MKS=12 draw_MKS=5 loss_MKS=7 gf_MKS=55 ga_MKS=36
team5 =HBM win_HBM=10 draw_HBM=7 loss_HBM=7 gf_HBM=38 ga_HBM=34
team6 =HYR win_HYR=10 draw_HYR=6 loss_HYR=8 gf_HYR=48 ga_HYR=43
team7 =HJU win_HJU=10 draw_HJU=3 loss_HJU=11 gf_HJU=33 ga_HJU=36
team8 =MJU win_MJU=9 draw_MJU=5 loss_MJU=10 gf_MJU=32 ga_MJU=40
team9 =HDA win_HDA=9 draw_HDA=4 loss_HDA=11 gf_HDA=50 ga_HDA=64
team10 =HKI win_HKI=7 draw_HKI=4 loss_HKI=13 gf_HKI=34 ga_HKI=48
team11 =MMZ win_MMZ=5 draw_MMZ=8 loss_MMZ=11 gf_MMZ=29 ga_MMZ=46
team12 =HMA win_HMA=6 draw_HMA=5 loss_HMA=13 gf_HMA=31 ga_HMA=61
team13 =MKB win_MKB=5 draw_MKB=5 loss_MKB=14 gf_MKB=34 ga_MKB=56
name_BTR=Bnei Tarshiha
name_BML=Beitar Ma'alot
name_HJD=Hapoel Jadeidi
name_MKS=Maccabi Kafr Sumei
name_HBM=Hapoel Bnei Mazra'a
name_HYR=Hapoel Yarka
name_HJU=Hapoel Julis
name_MJU=Maccabi Julis
name_HDA=Hapoel Deir al-Asad
name_HKI=Hapoel Kisra
name_MMZ=Maccabi Mazra'a
name_HMA=Hapoel Mi'ilya
name_MKB=Maccabi Kafr Bi'ina
col_PRO=green1text_PRO=Promoted to Liga Gimel

Bay Division

{{#invoke:Sports tablemainstyle=WDL
source=Memo no. 188 IFA
result1=PRO result2=PRO result3=PRO
team1 =HBU win_HBU=19 draw_HBU=5 loss_HBU=2 gf_HBU=72 ga_HBU=27
team2 =HBR win_HBR=19 draw_HBR=3 loss_HBR=4 gf_HBR=76 ga_HBR=28
team3 =MTU win_MTU=17 draw_MTU=7 loss_MTU=2 gf_MTU=65 ga_MTU=27
team4 =MTM win_MTM=19 draw_MTM=2 loss_MTM=5 gf_MTM=94 ga_MTM=40
team5 =HBM win_HBM=12 draw_HBM=5 loss_HBM=9 gf_HBM=42 ga_HBM=43
team6 =MZS win_MZS=10 draw_MZS=8 loss_MZS=7 gf_MZS=39 ga_MZS=43
team7 =HMD win_HMD=12 draw_HMD=3 loss_HMD=11 gf_HMD=39 ga_HMD=45
team8 =TZT win_TZT=10 draw_TZT=4 loss_TZT=12 gf_TZT=44 ga_TZT=45
team9 =MMK win_MMK=10 draw_MMK=2 loss_MMK=14 gf_MMK=46 ga_MMK=48
team10 =MSA win_MSA=7 draw_MSA=4 loss_MSA=15 gf_MSA=58 ga_MSA=78
team11 =HDH win_HDH=7 draw_HDH=1 loss_HDH=18 gf_HDH=38 ga_HDH=69
team12 =BTU win_BTU=6 draw_BTU=3 loss_BTU=17 gf_BTU=32 ga_BTU=76
team13 =HKB win_HKB=5 draw_HKB=2 loss_HKB=19 gf_HKB=24 ga_HKB=54
team14 =BKK win_BKK=3 draw_BKK=3 loss_BKK=20 gf_BKK=22 ga_BKK=70
name_HBU=Hapoel Bu'eine
name_HBR=Hapoel Bnei Rameh
name_MTU=Maccabi Tur'an
name_MTM=Maccabi Tamra
name_HBM=Hapoel Bnei Majd al-Krum
name_MZS=Maccabi Tzofei Sakhnin
name_HMD=Hapoel Mashhad
name_TZT=HaTzair Haifa
name_MMK=Maccabi Majd al-Krum
name_MSA=Maccabi HaShalom Arraba
name_HDH=Hapoel Deir Hanna
name_BTU=Beitar Tur'an
name_HKB=Hapoel Kabul
name_BKK=Beitar Kafr Kanna
col_PRO=green1text_PRO=Promoted to Liga Gimel
  • Maccabi Majd al-Krum had 4 points deducted.
  • Beitar Kafr Kanna had 2 points deducted.

Haifa Division

{{#invoke:Sports tablemainstyle=WDL
source=Memo no. 188 IFA
result1=PRO result2=PRO result3=PRO
team1 =HKM win_HKM=18 draw_HKM=1 loss_HKM=3 gf_HKM=69 ga_HKM=23
team2 =HKD win_HKD=16 draw_HKD=3 loss_HKD=3 gf_HKD=54 ga_HKD=22
team3 =HBK win_HBK=16 draw_HBK=0 loss_HBK=6 gf_HBK=73 ga_HBK=29
team4 =AIS win_AIS=12 draw_AIS=6 loss_AIS=4 gf_AIS=47 ga_AIS=28
team5 =HFC win_HFC=13 draw_HFC=2 loss_HFC=7 gf_HFC=63 ga_HFC=35
team6 =HBM win_HBM=9 draw_HBM=4 loss_HBM=9 gf_HBM=40 ga_HBM=30
team7 =HES win_HES=6 draw_HES=7 loss_HES=9 gf_HES=52 ga_HES=50
team8 =HET win_HET=8 draw_HET=2 loss_HET=12 gf_HET=24 ga_HET=48
team9 =HBT win_HBT=5 draw_HBT=2 loss_HBT=15 gf_HBT=17 ga_HBT=37
team10 =BBH win_BBH=4 draw_BBH=3 loss_BBH=15 gf_BBH=14 ga_BBH=52
team11 =HBH win_HBH=3 draw_HBH=5 loss_HBH=14 gf_HBH=24 ga_HBH=72
team12 =BBM win_BBM=3 draw_BBM=1 loss_BBM=18 gf_BBM=14 ga_BBM=61
name_HKM=Hapoel Kafr Manda
name_HKD=Hakoah Maccabi Daliyat al-Karmel
name_HBK=Hapoel Bnei Kababir
name_AIS=Al-Ittihad Shefa-'Amr
name_HFC=Haifa Football Club
name_HBM=Hapoel Bir al-Maksur
name_HES= Hapoel Halat el-Sharif Tamra
name_HET=Hapoel Emek Tamra
name_HBT=Hapoel Basmat Tab'un
name_BBH=Beitar Bnei Hujeirat
name_HBH=Hapoel Bnei Hujeirat
name_BBM=Beitar Bir al-Maksur
col_PRO=green1text_PRO=Promoted to Liga Gimel
  • Hapoel Bir al-Maksur and Hapoel Bnei Hujeirat had 2 points deducted.
  • Samaria Division

    {{#invoke:Sports tablemainstyle=WDL
    source=Memo no. 188 IFA
    result1=PRO result2=PRO result3=PRO
    team1 =HMW win_HMW=18 draw_HMW=2 loss_HMW=4 gf_HMW=67 ga_HMW=18
    team2 =HBJ win_HBJ=15 draw_HBJ=6 loss_HBJ=3 gf_HBJ=77 ga_HBJ=28
    team3 =MUS win_MUS=12 draw_MUS=8 loss_MUS=4 gf_MUS=65 ga_MUS=35
    team4 =POR win_POR=13 draw_POR=5 loss_POR=6 gf_POR=67 ga_POR=42
    team5 =HBD win_HBD=11 draw_HBD=9 loss_HBD=4 gf_HBD=55 ga_HBD=35
    team6 =HNN win_HNN=12 draw_HNN=6 loss_HNN=6 gf_HNN=67 ga_HNN=40
    team7 =BEM win_BEM=10 draw_BEM=6 loss_BEM=8 gf_BEM=52 ga_BEM=44
    team8 =HSA win_HSA=9 draw_HSA=4 loss_HSA=11 gf_HSA=49 ga_HSA=52
    team9 =MSR win_MSR=8 draw_MSR=2 loss_MSR=14 gf_MSR=44 ga_MSR=60
    team10 =HMN win_HMN=7 draw_HMN=2 loss_HMN=15 gf_HMN=39 ga_HMN=79
    team11 =HBN win_HBN=5 draw_HBN=5 loss_HBN=14 gf_HBN=31 ga_HBN=71
    team12 =SLM win_SLM=3 draw_SLM=3 loss_SLM=18 gf_SLM=35 ga_SLM=100
    team13 =AFI win_AFI=2 draw_AFI=4 loss_AFI=18 gf_AFI=28 ga_AFI=72
    name_HMW=Hapoel Muawiya
    name_HBJ=Hapoel Bir al-Jaish
    name_MUS=Hapoel Musmus
    name_POR=Hapoel Poria-Neve Oved
    name_HBD=Hapoel Bnei Daburiyya
    name_HNN=Hapoel Tzfon Nazareth
    name_BEM=Beitar Ein Mahil
    name_HSA=Hapoel Sha'ul Afula
    name_MSR=Hapoel Kafr Misr
    name_HMN=Hapoel Menahemia
    name_HBN=Hapoel Bnei Nein
    name_SLM=Hapoel Kafr Salem
    name_AFI=Maccabi Afula Illit
    col_PRO=green1text_PRO=Promoted to Liga Gimel
  • Haposl Sha'ul Afula had 2 points deducted.
  • Sharon Division

    {{#invoke:Sports tablemainstyle=WDL
    source=Memo no. 188 IFA
    result1=PRO result2=PRO result3=PRO
    team1 =PRD win_PRD=19 draw_PRD=4 loss_PRD=1 gf_PRD=71 ga_PRD=22
    team2 =MST win_MST=15 draw_MST=7 loss_MST=2 gf_MST=65 ga_MST=26
    team3 =QLN win_QLN=13 draw_QLN=6 loss_QLN=5 gf_QLN=52 ga_QLN=26
    team4 =ELC win_ELC=14 draw_ELC=3 loss_ELC=7 gf_ELC=63 ga_ELC=27
    team5 =CSR win_CSR=14 draw_CSR=5 loss_CSR=5 gf_CSR=56 ga_CSR=26
    team6 =HGT win_HGT=9 draw_HGT=6 loss_HGT=9 gf_HGT=55 ga_HGT=54
    team7 =ARA win_ARA=8 draw_ARA=4 loss_ARA=12 gf_ARA=33 ga_ARA=41
    team8 =AHI win_AHI=9 draw_AHI=1 loss_AHI=14 gf_AHI=37 ga_AHI=50
    team9 =BOA win_BOA=6 draw_BOA=6 loss_BOA=12 gf_BOA=35 ga_BOA=50
    team10 =BRT win_BRT=5 draw_BRT=6 loss_BRT=13 gf_BRT=28 ga_BRT=55
    team11 =MKY win_MKY=6 draw_MKY=1 loss_MKY=17 gf_MKY=28 ga_MKY=69
    team12 =HES win_HES=5 draw_HES=3 loss_HES=16 gf_HES=36 ga_HES=88
    team13 =ARR win_ARR=4 draw_ARR=4 loss_ARR=16 gf_ARR=22 ga_ARR=47
    name_PRD=Hapoel Pardesiya
    name_MST=F.C. Tel Mond
    name_QLN=Hapoel Qalansawe
    name_ELC=Hapoel Elyachin
    name_CSR=Hapoel Caesarea
    name_HGT=Hapoel Jatt
    name_ARA=Hapoel 'Ara
    name_AHI=Haposl Ahituv
    name_BOA=Beitar Or Akiva
    name_BRT=Hapoel Barta'a
    name_MKY=Maccabi Kfar Yona
    name_HES=Hapoel Ein Sahala
    name_ARR=Hapoel Arara
    col_PRO=green1text_PRO=Promoted to Liga Gimel
  • Haposl Caesarea had 2 points deducted.
  • Dan Division

    {{#invoke:Sports tablemainstyle=WDL
    source=Memo no. 188 IFA
    result1=PRO result2=PRO
    team1 =HAM win_HAM=19 draw_HAM=4 loss_HAM=1 gf_HAM=82 ga_HAM=35
    team2 =BHH win_BHH=20 draw_BHH=1 loss_BHH=3 gf_BHH=79 ga_BHH=21
    team3 =BRH win_BRH=16 draw_BRH=4 loss_BRH=4 gf_BRH=61 ga_BRH=26
    team4 =HAF win_HAF=16 draw_HAF=2 loss_HAF=6 gf_HAF=56 ga_HAF=20
    team5 =MKQ win_MKQ=15 draw_MKQ=3 loss_MKQ=6 gf_MKQ=70 ga_MKQ=33
    team6 =MGS win_MGS=9 draw_MGS=4 loss_MGS=11 gf_MGS=54 ga_MGS=45
    team7 =MBT win_MBT=6 draw_MBT=6 loss_MBT=12 gf_MBT=43 ga_MBT=58
    team8 =MTF win_MTF=5 draw_MTF=8 loss_MTF=11 gf_MTF=38 ga_MTF=56
    team9 =MTB win_MTB=8 draw_MTB=2 loss_MTB=14 gf_MTB=42 ga_MTB=67
    team10 =BKO win_BKO=6 draw_BKO=4 loss_BKO=14 gf_BKO=33 ga_BKO=49
    team11 =BGT win_BGT=7 draw_BGT=1 loss_BGT=16 gf_BGT=30 ga_BGT=75
    team12 =HES win_HES=4 draw_HES=3 loss_HES=17 gf_HES=39 ga_HES=70
    team13 =BEZ win_BEZ=2 draw_BEZ=2 loss_BEZ=20 gf_BEZ=37 ga_BEZ=102
    name_HAM=Hapoel Amishav
    name_BHH=Beitar Hod HaSharon
    name_BRH=Beitar Rosh HaAyin
    name_HAF=Hapoel Afeka
    name_MKQ=Maccabi Kafr Qasim
    name_MGS=M.M. Givat Shmuel
    name_MBT=Maccabi Bnei Tira
    name_MTF=Maccabi Montefiore
    name_MTB=Maccabi Tayibe
    name_BKO=Beitar Kiryat Ono
    name_BGT=Beitar Ganei Tikva
    name_HES=Hapoel Yarhiv
    name_BEZ=Beitar Ezra
    col_PRO=green1text_PRO=Promoted to Liga Gimel

    Central Division

    {{#invoke:Sports tablemainstyle=WDL
    source=Memo no. 188 IFA
    result1=PRO result2=PRO
    team1 =BYV win_BYV=19 draw_BYV=5 loss_BYV=2 gf_BYV=81 ga_BYV=26
    team2 =IRA win_IRA=20 draw_IRA=2 loss_IRA=4 gf_IRA=121 ga_IRA=32
    team3 =HBA win_HBA=18 draw_HBA=5 loss_HBA=3 gf_HBA=63 ga_HBA=30
    team4 =HZI win_HZI=18 draw_HZI=2 loss_HZI=6 gf_HZI=97 ga_HZI=45
    team5 =BBS win_BBS=18 draw_BBS=2 loss_BBS=6 gf_BBS=76 ga_BBS=39
    team6 =HMB win_HMB=15 draw_HMB=6 loss_HMB=5 gf_HMB=68 ga_HMB=30
    team7 =HRL win_HRL=9 draw_HRL=6 loss_HRL=11 gf_HRL=49 ga_HRL=70
    team8 =HVA win_HVA=7 draw_HVA=9 loss_HVA=10 gf_HVA=59 ga_HVA=74
    team9 =BKG win_BKG=8 draw_BKG=4 loss_BKG=14 gf_BKG=66 ga_BKG=64
    team10 =MRL win_MRL=8 draw_MRL=3 loss_MRL=15 gf_MRL=48 ga_MRL=48
    team11 =MBY win_MBY=5 draw_MBY=3 loss_MBY=18 gf_MBY=43 ga_MBY=136
    team12 =HAJ win_HAJ=5 draw_HAJ=2 loss_HAJ=19 gf_HAJ=34 ga_HAJ=72
    team13 =MUZ win_MUZ=3 draw_MUZ=2 loss_MUZ=21 gf_MUZ=36 ga_MUZ=109
    team14 =GYV win_GYV=1 draw_GYV=3 loss_GYV=22 gf_GYV=15 ga_GYV=74
    name_BYV=Beitar Yavne
    name_IRA=Ironi Ramla
    name_HBA=Hapoel Bnei Ayish
    name_HZI=Hapoel Zikhronot
    name_BBS=Beitar Beit Shemesh
    name_HMB=Hapoel Mazkeret Batya
    name_HRL=Hapoel Tahanat Rakevet Lod
    name_HVA=Hapoel Vatikei Azor
    name_BKG=Bnei Kfar Gabirol
    name_MRL=Maccabi Tahanat Rakevet Lod
    name_MBY=Hapoel Markus Be'er Ya'akov
    name_HAJ=Hapoel Antonio Jaffa
    name_MUZ=Maccabi Sde Uziyah
    name_GYV=Maccabi Gan Yavne
    col_PRO=green1text_PRO=Promoted to Liga Gimel
    • Maccabi Tahanat Rakevet Lod and Maccabi Sde Uziyah had 2 points deducted.
    • Hapoel Antonio Jaffa had 4 points deducted.

    South Division

    {{#invoke:Sports tablemainstyle=WDL
    source=Memo no. 188 IFA
    result1=PRO result2=PRO
    team1 =BSN win_BSN=14 draw_BSN=2 loss_BSN=2 gf_BSN=53 ga_BSN=13
    team2 =MZR win_MZR=23 draw_MZR=3 loss_MZR=2 gf_MZR=53 ga_MZR=32
    team3 =BSK win_BSK=12 draw_BSK=2 loss_BSK=4 gf_BSK=57 ga_BSK=16
    team4 =TSZ win_TSZ=9 draw_TSZ=3 loss_TSZ=6 gf_TSZ=42 ga_TSZ=30
    team5 =KLH win_KLH=7 draw_KLH=2 loss_KLH=9 gf_KLH=40 ga_KLH=44
    team6 =QRN win_QRN=6 draw_QRN=3 loss_QRN=9 gf_QRN=30 ga_QRN=40
    team7 =SDZ win_SDZ=6 draw_SDZ=1 loss_SDZ=11 gf_SDZ=33 ga_SDZ=40
    team8 =BLU win_BLU=5 draw_BLU=1 loss_BLU=12 gf_BLU=28 ga_BLU=56
    team9 =HQQ win_HQQ=2 draw_HQQ=4 loss_HQQ=12 gf_HQQ=23 ga_HQQ=52
    team10=UBR win_UBR=1 draw_UBR=1 loss_UBR=16 gf_UBR=12 ga_UBR=51
    name_BSN=Hapoel Bnei Shimon
    name_MZR=Hapoel Mitzpe Ramon
    name_BSK=Hapoel Beit Shikma
    name_TSZ=Hapoel Pa'amei Tashaz
    name_KLH=Hapoel Klahim
    name_QRN=Hapoel Al-Qrenawi
    name_SDZ=Hapoel Sde Tzvi
    name_BLU=Hapoel Talmei Bilu
    name_HQQ=Hapoel Al-Hoquq
    name_UBR=Hapoel Al-Ubra
    col_PRO=green1text_PRO=Promoted to Liga Gimel
  • Memo no. 188 IFA

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