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Draft Krishaniya State

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In this page talks about ( Draft Krishaniya State ) It was sent to us on 25/07/2021 and was presented on 25/07/2021 and the last update on this page on 25/07/2021

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Krishaniya was a precolonial Indian princely state. It was in western united provinces of British Raj, in modern-day Muzaffarnagar district of Uttar Pradesh. The kingdom was founded by Maharaja Ranjeet Singh in 1326. This is one of the ancient Rajput dynasty of Indian sub-continent. It is located on NH 58 between Muzaffarnagar(12km) and Meerut(45km) and almost equidistance from New Delhi(115km).


One of the Oldest State traditionally founded by Maharaja Ranjeet Singh in 1326. They migrated from Rajasthan to northern India and Central Western United Provinces (Uttar Pradesh). Maharaja Ranjeet Singh belonged to one of the most prominent families in Northern India— The Mahal Wale (Ranawat Gotra). The Erstwhile Royal Family and it's descendants still resides in the Royal Palace and around Muzaffarnagar. Now, The head of Erstwhile Krishaniya Royal Family is Kunwar Nishant Singh Ranawat.

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