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Pir Hadi Hassan Bux Shah Jilani

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Pir Hadi Hassan Bux Shah Jilani, commonly known by the title Hadi ("The Guider") (1846–1900), was an eminent Sufi saint and poet from Sanghar in modern-day Pakistan who belonged to Qadiriyya Sufi order. He was born at Dargah Bhuro Bhawan Shah Jilani near Hyderabad Sindh and lived most of his life in Duthro Sharif Sanghar Sindh after traveling through Sindh to spread Iaspam and Sufism. He wrote his poetry in many languages, mostly in Sindhi but also in Urdu, Persian and other languages. The annual Urs of Hadi take place in the month of Jumada al-Awwal in Duthro Sharif Sanghar.


He was named by his parents Pir Hassan Bux Shah. After spiritual changes in his life, he is referred to by his devotees and followers as Pir Hadi Hassan Bux Shah Jilani, Hadi Sain, or Murshid Hadi. "Hadi" means "The Guider".

Name in other languages

  • Sindhi:پير هادي حسن بخش شاه جيلاني
  • Urdu: پیر هادی حسن بکش شاه جیلانی)
  • Arabic:پير هادي حسن بخش شاه جيلاني
  • Persian: پیر هادی حسن بکش شاه جیلانی
  • Hindi: हादी हसन बख्श शाह जिलानी

Early life

He was born in the year of 1846 (1262 A.H) in a small village known as Dargah Bhuro Bhawan Shah Jilani near Buxo Laghari, Hyderabad, Sind, British Raj (nowadays Sindh, Pakistan). After a few years he came under the supervision of his grandfather Pir Subhan Ali Shah Jilani and migrated with him to near Duthro Sharif in a newly constructed village built by his grandfather and named Pir Subhan Ali Shah Jilani.

Family background

Hadi was from a lineage that goes back from Sheikh Abdul Qadir Jilani to Imam Hassan, who was the son of Ali and was the grandson of Muhammad. His family had many saints and spiritual leaders such as Pir Abdul Malik Shah Jilani (India), who was the Murshid of Sufi Shah Inayat Shaheed, Pir Bhuro Bhawan Shah Jilani, Pir Juman Shah Jilani, Pir Subhan Ali Shah Jilani, Pir wado Kamil Shah Jilani, Pir Ali Bux Shah Jilani, Pir Kamil Shah Sarkar Jilani, Pir Dinal Shah Jilani and many others.


Hadi spent his very early life at Dargah Bhuro Bhawan Shah Jilani, his place of birth. After some time, he migrated to Sanghar and settled down near Duthro Sarif at his grandfather's village, known as Pir Subhan Ali Shah Jilani, where he pursued the study of the Quran, Hadiths and Sunnah at Pir-Jo-Midrso under the supervision of his grandfather. He also learned many languages like Urdu, Arabic, Persian, and Hindi.


Hadi died on 2 September 1900 AD (Jumada al-Awwal 7, 1318 A.H.) at the age of about 56 years.

Dargah Sharif

Hadi's body was entombed in a shrine at Pir Subhan Ali Shah Jilani, which is known as Dargah Pir Hadi Hassan Bux Shah Jilani or Dargah Jilani Duthro Sharif.
The foundation of Dargah Sharif was settled down by Pir Hadi Hassan Bux Shah Jilani. Hadi was actually contracting an Otaq for himself but after martyred his body was buried in his Otaq. Recently, with the help of Shahid Abdul Salam Thahim, Syed Ghulam Shah Jilani and MPA Faraz dero of the Sindh government have constructed a new mosque and Musafir Khana for pilgrims.


Dargah Sharif on the occasion of 122nd Urs
The annual celebration of Urs begins in the evening of 6-10 Jumada_al-awwal. Thousands of followers, devotees, pilgrims and lovers come from all over Sindh to attend it.
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Pir Hadi Hassan Bux Shah Jilani
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