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Draft Pir Azmat Nawaz Patriata Shareef Sarkar

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In this page talks about ( Draft Pir Azmat Nawaz Patriata Shareef Sarkar ) It was sent to us on 13/06/2021 and was presented on 13/06/2021 and the last update on this page on 13/06/2021

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Pir Azmat Nawaz was born in 19 Jan 1967 in Murree Pakistan.
The Rohani ilm was inherited from his grandfather and great grandfather.
The forefather got Rohani ilm from Darbar Mohra Shareef. But due to some reasons from grandfather the Rohani ilm stopped.
Pir Azmat Nawaz was always interested in Rohani ilm since a young age.
In 1982 Pir Azmat Nawaz joined Pakistan Army.
during the service in Pakistan Army Pir Azmat Nawaz visited to every Darbar and met so many Gaddi nasheens to find Pir, Murshad / Ustaad for the guidance of true path to took him near to The Allah and The Hazrat Muhammad (SAW).
When Pir Azmat Nawaz was in Pakistan Army the Rohani powers which were inherited from his grandfather and great grandfather came into full swing eventually Pir Azmat Nawaz sahib could not control. Soon after Pir Azmat Nawaz met with Professor Abdullah Bhatti.
On the very first meeting with Professor Abdullah Bhatti who predicted that in 2002 Pir sahib will become a faqeer of Allah.
By Grace of Allah (s.w.a) Pir sahib completed his Rohani ilm with the help and guidance of Professor Abdullah Bhatti.
Pir Azmat Nawaz has got so many benefits through this Rohani ilm, he is being served the hopeless humanity Nationally and Internationally. Pir Azmat Nawaz also found "Faiz" by Hazrat Imam Bari Sarkar (R.A) through “Naad e Ali ” for the rohani operation..
Thanks Allah (s.w.a), through the kamil Murshad-e-Paak Pir Azmat Nawaz is now able to heal and have been operated lot of peoples successfully.


Pir Azmat Nawaz belongs to silsila Qadria of Ahle Sunnat Wal Jamaat and Allah blessed him with spiritual power. He felt spiritual energy within himself over 25 years ago during his employment in Pakistan Army. He started to pray day and night. During those days, Pir Azmat Nawaz sought the guidance of professor Abdullah Bhatti and other spiritual scholars who informed Pir Azmat sahib about Allah’s blessing on him as well as his capability of spiritual power. He was advised to leave the army and concentrate on his spiritual learning and relation with Allah through prayers. Pir Nawaz sahib was blessed with NAAD-E-ALI for his spiritual power. He then successfully started recognizing and healing the spiritual issues of people. The number of his followers started increasing day by day and then Pir sahib donated his land in Patriata Shareef for Astana. Due to the high number of people attending Astana, it becomes difficult to treat visitors individually. Pir Azmat Nawaz then got permission to conduct collective Rohani Operation and Exorcism (Hazri) publically for which hundreds of live videos are available on the internet and social media. There are millions of followers of Pir Azmat Nawaz sahib not only in Pakistan but also all over the world. Thousands of people from Pakistan and abroad attend weekly Rohani Operation in Patriata Shareef and get healed free of charge by the blessings of Allah.

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