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Grand Mosalla mosque of Tehran

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  Grand Mosalla mosque of Tehran (The Imam Khomeini Mosalla) is a location for holding weekly Friday prayer and cultural, political, educational, worship activities including book fairs and religious ceremonies.
of Mosalla


On 1982, the Mosalla of Tehran was offered to replace the University of Tehran as a location for the weekly Jumu'ah (Friday Prayer) and for it was intended the lands of Abbas Abad, which became the site for the never-materialized mega project of Shahestan Pahlavi before the Iranian Revolution."Annual Report and Balance Sheet of Iranian Central Bank ("Bānk Markazī Īrān), Published by Bank Markazi Iran, 1972 (excerpts available courtesy of Google Book Search)"
On 19 February 1985, after issuance of a public announcement on devising the Mosalla and recalling talented and experienced designers for projecting, The competition was held in 1986 with Mohammad Karim Pirnia, Mehdi Chamran, Bagher Ayatollahzadeh Shirazi, Ali Ghaffari, and Mehdi Hodjat as the jury members and with participation 36 native and foreign individuals from such countries as Japan, Syria, Pakistan, and the Netherlands and as well as legal entities. On 1990, finally, Dr. Parviz Moayed Ahd’s design was confirmed for the Mosalla, a design based on Islamic architecture of Iran and Tajikistan, Azerbaijan, and Georgia, which formerly were part of Iran.
of Imam Mosalla, the venue for some book fairs
==Uses of Imam Khomeini Mosalla==
The Imam Khomeini Mosalla is a venue for some of the community centers as including:
  • Location for the weekly Friday congregation
  • The major site for congregations
  • The major site for exhibitions in north Tehran:Some of them including:
  1. International Holy Quran Exhibition
  2. Tehran International Book Fair
  3. The International Exhibition of Investment Opportunities in Iran's Mines and Mining industries
  4. International Handicrafts Exhibition
  • Eid al-Fitr prayers
  • Public transport access

    • Mosalla Imam Khomeini Metro Station is a station in Tehran Metro. It is located in Mosalla of Tehran next to Resalat Expressway.
    • Mosalla BRT Station in Line 5: Science & Tech (Elm-o-san'at ( ) Terminal to Argentina Sq. (Beihaghi Terminal)


    ساخت ماکت ایوان بزرگ مصلی.jpg
    Tehran International Book Fair - 8 May 2018 01.jpg
    Tehran International Book Fair 0649.jpg
    All Most Summer In Tehran, May 31, 2011 - panoramio (1).jpg
    Ali Khamenei visits 21st Tehran International Book Fair (007).jpg
    Worship celebration of 12000 girl students in Tehran (8).jpg
    Iran's International handicraft Exhibition - 2011 (3).jpg
    Tehran International Book Fair - 5 May 2018 14.jpg
    Tehran International Book Fair - 4 May 2018 16.jpg

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    • Ruhollah Khomeini's residency (Jamaran), similar compound of former leader
    • Mohammad Mohammadi Golpayegani, the head of the supreme leader's office

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