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Zone 82, Qatar

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Zone 82 is a zone in the municipality of Al-Shahaniya in the state of Qatar. The main district recorded in the 2015 population census was Rawdat Rashed.
Other districts which fall within its administrative boundaries are Abu Nakhla, Al Sahla Al Shamaliya, Umm Al Maqarin, Umm Al Zubar Al Qibliya, Umm Al Zubar East, Umm Lebrak, Umm Wishah, Wadi Lejmal Al Shamali.


As of the 2010 census, the zone comprised 702 housing units and 456 establishments. There were 6,046 people living in the zone, of which 88% were male and 12% were female. Out of the 6,046 inhabitants, 91% were 20 years of age or older and 9% were under the age of 20. The literacy rate was 90.1%.
Employed persons made up 88% of the total population. Females accounted for 6% of the working population, while males accounted for 94% of the working population.
! Area (km²) !! Developed land (km²) !! Undeveloped land (km²) !! Residential (km²) !! Commercial/
Industrial (km²) !! Education/
Health (km²) !! Farming/
Green areas (km²) !! Other uses (km²)
454.12 59.75 394.37 0.31 0.50 0.04 17.03 41.87
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