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Eeramana Rojave (TV series)

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In this page talks about ( Eeramana Rojave (TV series) ) It was sent to us on 25/07/2021 and was presented on 25/07/2021 and the last update on this page on 25/07/2021

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Eeramana Rojave ( ) is a 2018 Indian Tamil-language soap opera starring Pavithra Janani, Dhiraviam, Shyam and Sai Gayatri Bhuvanesh. and directeded by Rishi. It started airing on Vijay TV from 9 July 2018.


Malarvizhi falls in love with Maran and they decide to get married. On the day of their wedding, Maran dies in an accident and his younger brother Vetri is forced to marry Malarvizhi. The story then revolves around Vetri and Malar's marriage life.{{Cite newsurl=ஈரமான ரோஜாவே - விஜய் டி.வியில் புதிய தொடர் Eeramana Rojave - New serial in Vijay Televisionlast=Dinamalardate=2018-07-06work=தினமலர் - சினிமாaccess-date=2018-07-24 After the marriage Malar refuses to live with Vetri and scolds him for everything. Vetri's love interest, Anjali starts troubling Vetri for cheating on her. Malar and Vetri become friends after knowing that he hurted himself in order to stop the wedding night ritual for them. Once Malar wants to write an exam in Chennai. Vetri convinces his mother and take her to the exam venue where someone steals her bag in which she has kept the hall ticket. Vetri buys a new one saying that hall ticket was lost in 'Gaja' storm. A girl sitting near Malar copies and puts the blame on Malar. Vetri comes and rescues her on time.
Vetri's friend Idhayakani, his uncle Thangarasu and his grandfather make him believe that he loves Malar. Vetri accept that after some consequences. On a parallel story line, Azhagar troubles Akila younger sister of Malar to marry him, but is always disrespected by her in return. One day, he takes a video of her changing clothes and blackmails her incognito. This threat leaves Akila stranded in sorrow, and her father arranges her marriage with Azhagar, as he thinks he would accept her despite the video since he is his relative. Akila seeks Vetri's help to find the blackmailer and on the day of her wedding with Azhagar, Vetri exposes the truth and Azhagar gets arrested. Vetri and his family convince Pugazh, Vetri's younger brother into marrying Akila. Akila and Pugazh have a troubled marital relationship since he is constantly triggered against her by his mother, sisters and Azhagar.
When Akila and Pugazh goes to Akila's house to have a lunch (as there are newly married). To support them Verti and Malar comes with them. There Vetri gives Kammapandi 25 laks in which to close his money problem. When you come for you give many things to your newly marries daughter but as he has got some money issues he can't do that so Pughzh wears Vetri's jewels and goes back to their home but luckily Vetri's and Pughazh's mother doesn't find this. Vetri becomes a Farmer, Malar gets a teacher job through the exam she had written, her in-laws forbid her to go to work. Akila and Pugazh is the only one who is not doing any jobs. So through some insults and petty fights Akila somehow manages Pugazh to send him to work than being home. Somehow through Anjali they did find this all out, a big problem bursts out which leads both of the sisters to get kicked out of there house and both of the families in great desperation. Vetri starts to miss Malar more, whereas Pugazh too misses her badly cause he wants her to fight with him. Later Akila too started to feel something for him but is not ready to name it. The story is mainly about the two pairs Malar-Vetri and Pughal-Akila.



  • Pavithra Janani as Malarvizhi Vetrivel (Vetri's wife and Maran former lover, who has sacrificed everything to support her family).
  • Dhiraviam Rajakumaran as Vetrivel Naatarasan (Maran's younger brother, Malar's husband. Loves Malar but is unable to express it).
  • Shyam as Pugazhendi (Pugazh, Vetri's and Maran's younger brother, Akhila's husband)
  • Sai Gayatri Bhuvanesh as Akhilandeshwari Pugazhendi (Malar's younger sister, Pugazh's wife)


  • Nisha as Eshwari Thangarasu (a.k.a."Eshu"): Vetri's, Maran's and Pugazh's half-sister; Naatrasan and Thangam's daughter and Anbukarasi's step-daughter, an unstable minded person
  • Nivisha Kingkon (2018 - 2019) / Anu Sulash (2019 - present) as Anjali (Vetri's former lover)
  • *
  • Praveen Devasagayam as Azhagar
  • Sheela (2018 - 2020) / Archana Kumar (2020 - present) as Thenmozhi a.k.a. Thenu: Malar's and Akila's younger sister, Azhagar's love interest
  • *
  • Alagesh as Naatarasan: Vetri's, Maran's, Pugazh's and Selvi's father
  • Vijisha (2018) / Yuvasree (2018 - 2020) / Deepa Nethran (2020 - present) as Anbukarasi Naatarasan: Vetri's, Maran's and Pugazh's mother, Eshwari's step-mother
  • *
  • Kammapandi as Rajadurai: Malar's, Akila's and Thenu's father
  • Premalatha as Indirani Rajadurai: Malar's, Akila's and Thenu's mother
  • Gemni Many as Thangarasu: Eshwari's husband, Vetri and Pugazh's brother-in-law
  • 'Metti Oli' Shanthi as both Thangam / Maragatham: Thangam- Naatarasan's first wife and Eshwari's mother (dead); Maragatham- Thangam's younger twin sister also Eshwari's aunt
  • Kumaramoorthi as Idhayarkani: Maran's and Vetri's friend
  • Madurai Mohan as Malaisamy: Vetri's, Maran's and Pugazh's grandfather
  • S. N. Parvathy as Pappamaal: Malar's, Akila's and Thenu's grandmother
  • Ramya Joseph as Pavanu: Eshwari's former best friend also Anjali and Maragatham's helper
  • Akshara as Selvi: Vetri's, Maran's and Pugazh's younger sister
  • Poovai Suresh as Pusari: the temple priest
  • Babitha as Santha: Azhagar's mother and Rajadurai's younger sister
  • Pradeep Kumar as Maruthu: Azhagar's friend
  • Sathish as Pandi: Azhagar's friend
  • Bharathi Mohan as Ambulavaanam: Anjali's father

Special Appearance

  • Kumaran Thangarajan as Maran Naatarasan: Vetri's elder brother, and Malar's ex-lover (dead) (killed by Azhagar)
  • Chitra as Mayilu (Malar's friend)
  • Rhema as Swetha
  • Aravesh as Jeeva


The series revolves around two families. Pavithra who was formerly in Saravanan Meenatchi (season 3) will be portraying female lead as a village girl while, Dhiraviam Rajakumaran plays the male lead and Kumaran Thangarajan plays the love interest of the female lead, Nivisha will be portraying love interest of the male lead but replaced by Anu Sulash. Later Thangarasu was replaced by V. Muthukumarasamy. Kalyana Veedu and Bommalattam serials fame. Official teaser has been released by Star Vijay in YouTube on 1 July 2018. Other supporting cast include Shyam, Nisha, Gayatri Bhuvanesh and Venkat.


This title was taken from a 1991 feature film Eeramana Rojave starring Shiva and Mohini. The English meaning of this title is The wet rose.


The series has been remade in Telugu language as Manasichi Choodu on Star Maa and Kannada language as Jeeva Hoovagide broadcast on Star Suvarna.
! Language
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Manasichi Choodu
Star Maa
14 October 2019–present
Jeeva Hoovagide
Star Suvarna
10 December 2019–14 November 2020

International broadcast

The Series was released on 9 July 2018 on Vijay TV and Vijay TV HD. The Show was also broadcast internationally on Channel's international distribution.
  • It airs in Sri Lanka, Singapore, Vietnam, Japan, Hong Kong, United States, Europe, Malaysia, Mauritius and South Africa on Vijay TV and Vijay TV HD with English subtitle.
  • The drama is episodes on their app hotstar with English subtitle.
  • It is also available via the internet protocol television service, Lebara Play with English subtitle.

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  • official website at Hotstar

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