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Crișul Pietros

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The Crișul Pietros (Romanian for: "stony Criș") is a right tributary of the river Crișul Negru in Romania. Upstream from its confluence with the Boga it is called Valea Galbena. Its length is and its basin size is .Bazine hidrografice în zona Beiuș, A. Indrieș, A. Indrieș and R. Indrieș It discharges into the Crișul Negru in Drăgănești, BihorDrăgănești.


The following rivers are tributaries to the Crișul Pietros:
  • Left: Lazu
  • Right: Boga, Valea Mare Cărpinoasa, Runc, Inaru, Valea Leurdei

  • Trasee turistice – judeÈ›ul Bihor

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