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Sockpuppet investigations Mahmoud Fayed Archive

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In this page talks about ( Sockpuppet investigations Mahmoud Fayed Archive ) It was sent to us on 25/07/2021 and was presented on 25/07/2021 and the last update on this page on 25/07/2021

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=21 November 2013=

;Suspected sockpuppets

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    Both editors' only contributions to Wikipedia have been to write about the work of Mahmoud Samir Fayed ("MSF"). User:Mahmoud Fayed wrote an article about his own PWCT language in 2008, which was deleted; User:Msfclipper registered recently to write an article on the same subject, in the same month that Fayed promoted PWCT in the TIOBE index - Msfclipper's original article was written at length with no sources, and included an uploaded photo of Fayed with OTRS permission. User:Mahmoud Fayed has now returned to Wikipedia after a five year absence, and his edits are starting to overlap with User:Msfclipper - this article's history shows User:Mahmoud Fayed making half an hour of edits bracketed by only a few minutes on either side by User:Msfclipper, who made no other edits during this period.
    User:Msfclipper also appears to have been editing as User:, the IP address speedying Msfclipper's work as "author requests deletion" and Msfclipper resigning 212.57's comments as his own. This is most likely accidental and has been largely benign, but he has now used the IP address to make an argument in an AfD that User:Msfclipper has also commented on. --McGeddon (User talk:McGeddontalk) 11:10, 21 November 2013 (UTC)

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