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Dellner is a Swedish manufacturer of rail vehicle and other industrial components including couplers, dampers and brakes.


Dellner was founded in 1941 by Jan Dellner, who established a factory in Sweden making automatic couplers.
In 2009, the company acquired UK train gangway coupler manufacturer Woodville (formerly Woodville Rubber Company). In 2019, it was purchased by EQT Partners.EQT acquires Dellner Couplers, a global leader in train connection systems for passenger rail EQT Partners 15 April 2019

Company Structure

The group's subsidiary are held by Dellner Invest, and as of 2015 includes Dellner (train couplers); and Dellner Components (component manufacturer); and a 'Dellner Industrial' subholding including : Dellner Dampers (dampers for railway and other applications); Dellner Brakes (brake systems for industrial applications, and shipping); Dellner Woodville (flexible couplings for rail and other industries).

Railway coupling

Dellner manufactures couplers connecting vehicle, pneumatics and electronics at the same time.Dellner Couplers - Automatic and Semi-Permanent Couplers Railway Technology The patented energy absorption D-BOX technology allows coupling at speeds of up to with no structural damage, and up to with deformation but with the vehicles remaining on track. The patented D-REX system provides Ethernet high speed data connection at speeds of 100 Mbit/s.

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