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Living people

Booth Savage

Living people
 Booth Savage (born May 21, 1948) is a Canadian film, stage, and television veteran actor. He is perhaps best known for his role as Team Canada head coach Harry Sin ..
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Scott McNeil

Living people
  Scott McNeil is an Australian-born Canadian voice, film and television actor. He currently resides in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. One of the most well-kno ..
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Addanki Dayakar

Living people
  Addanki Dayakar is an Indian political activist and important leader with Telangana Joint Action Committee.Parties Sweat It Out at Night as T Nominations Close Tod ..
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Mark Phillips (Guyanese politician)

Living people
  Mark Anthony Phillips (born 5 October 1961 ) is a Guyanese politician and retired military officer who is the Prime Minister of Guyana under president Dr. Irfaan A ..
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Japhet Killewo

Living people
  {{Multiple issuesJaphet Killewo is a Tanzanian doctor and epidemiologist in Kagera, Tanzania. He was the former Chair of Tanzanian Public Health Association and cu ..
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Frank Mrvan

Living people
  Frank Ed Mrvan Jr. (born April 11, 1933) is an American politician serving as a Democratic member of the Indiana Senate, representing the 1st District since 1999. ..
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Janine van Wyk

Living people
  Janine van Wyk (born 17 April 1987) is a South African footballer who plays for Glasgow City and Captains the South Africa women's national team Banyana Banyana. V ..
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Tarana Raja

Living people
  {{Multiple issues Tarana Raja, also known as Tarana Raja Kapoor, is an Indian actress, dancer, television anchor, and radio host. She is a co-host of a popular rad ..
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Douglas Century

Living people
  Douglas Century (born in Calgary, Alberta, Canada) is a Canadian author and journalist. He was educated at Princeton University.Journalism As a journalist, Centur ..
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Steve Pavlovic

Living people
  Stephen Pavlovic (born 1966) is an Australian music entrepreneur. Pavlovic began promoting music tours, events and concerts in 1990. Since then he has toured influ ..
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Tai Tura

Living people
  Tai Tura (born 1949) is a Cook Islands politician and member of the Cook Islands Parliament. He is a member of the Cook Islands Party.Tura was born in Rarotonga, ..
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Akram Khatoon

Living people
  {{Multiple issuesAkram Khatoon (born; 26 September 1937, Ajmer) is a former banker from Pakistan. In 1989, she became the founder President of First Women Bank Lim ..
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Meg Hutchins

Living people
  Meg Hutchins (born 3 February 1982) is an Australian rules footballer who played for the Collingwood Football Club in the AFL Women's (AFLW).Early life and state f ..
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Roland Castro

Living people
 Roland Castro (born 16 October 1940) is a French architect and political activist. Biography Roland Castro was born on 16 October 1940 in Limoges. By the end of 19 ..
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Samaira Mehta

Living people
  Samaira Mehta is an American coder and inventor. She is the founder and chief executive officer of CoderBunnyz. Life Mehta is from Santa Clara, California. Her ..
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Glenn Brooks

Living people
  Robert "Glenn" Brooks is a Canadian politician who was mayor of Rideau Township and later Ottawa City Councillor representing the rural Rideau-Goulbourn Ward. He g ..
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Christine Ohlman

Living people
  Christine Ohlman (born November 25, in the Bronx, New York City) is a singer, songwriter, guitarist, recording artist, music scholar. Her nickname "The Beehive Que ..
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Gemma Cowling

Living people
  Gemma Cowling is an Australian model. She is the first Australian-born transgender model to be signed with an agency.Australia's first transgender model Gemma Cowl ..
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Larry Rutledge

Living people
  Larry Rutledge is an American football coach.Coaching career Rutledge was the head football coach for the Coast Guard Bears located in New London, Connecticut. He ..
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Jakop Dalunde

Living people
  Jakop Dalunde (born 2 February 1984) is a Swedish politician who has served as Member of the European Parliament (MEP) for Sweden from 2016 to 2019 since February ..
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Alla Ayodhya Rami Reddy

Living people
 Alla Ayodhya Rami Reddy is an Indian politician. He was elected to the Rajya Sabha, upper house of the Parliament of India from Andhra Pradesh in the 2020 Rajyasabh ..
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Sal Restivo

Living people
  Sal Restivo (born 1940) is a sociologist/anthropologist.Work Restivo is a leading contributor to science studies and in particular to the sociology of mathematical ..
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Louie Jon Agustin Sanchez

Living people
 Louie Jon Agustin Sanchez (born 1980 in Sta. Mesa, Manila), a poet, fictionist, critic, and journalist, hails from Flora, Apayao, Philippines. He lives in Novalich ..
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Kunchan (actor)

Living people
  Kunchan (born 14 November 1952) is an Indian actor, primarily concentrating on Malayalam films. He has done over 650 films in Malayalam. Usually he does minor role ..
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Masashi Ebara

Living people
  , better known as , is a Japanese actor, voice actor and narrator from Kanagawa Prefecture. He is affiliated with Aoni Production.He had roles in the Initial D ser ..
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Satyadev Prasad Singh

Living people
  Satyadev Prasad Singh (born 1962) is an Indian politician. He was elected as Member of Bihar Legislative Assembly in 2015 From Goriyakothi (Vidhan Sabha constituen ..
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Nicholas Sadler

Living people
  Nicholas Sadler (born 1967) is an American actor, director, writer and producer.Early life and career Born in Minneapolis, Minnesota, he was raised in Apple Valley ..
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Onuralp Bitim

Living people
  Onuralp Bitim (born March 31, 1999) is a Turkish professional basketball player who plays as a small forward for Pınar Karşıyaka of the Turkish Basketbol ..
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Manos Manouselis

Living people
 {{Multiple issues Manos Manouselis (born April 27, 1964) is a Greek basketball head coach of the AL SADD BASKETBALL CLUB in Qatar. He has been actively involved in ..
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Kevin O'Sullivan (skier)

Living people
  Kevin O'Sullivan is a Paralympic medalist from New Zealand who competed in alpine skiing. He competed in the 1994 Winter Paralympics where he won a bronze medal i ..
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Sonia Chahal

Living people
  show-medals = yesSonia Chahal is an Indian amateur boxer. She is a silver medallist at the 2018 AIBA Women's World Boxing Championships.Early life and career Ch ..
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Lloyd Rayney

Living people
  Lloyd Patrick Rayney (b. Aden, Yemen 1962)The State of Western Australia -v- Rayney (No 3) (2012) WASC 404 (1 November 2012) at AustLII is a Western Australian bar ..
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Abhishek Majumdar

Living people
  Abhishek Majumdar is an Indian playwright, theatre director, scenographer. and pedagogue. Born into a Bengali family, he grew up in Delhi and now lives in Bangalor ..
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Mika Luttinen

Living people
  Mika Luttinen is a Finnish-born vocalist and lyricist who, in 1990, formed the Finnish black metal band, Impaled Nazarene. After numerous line-up changes, he remai ..
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Gilles Ouimet

Living people
  Gilles Ouimet is a former Canadian politician, who was a Quebec Liberal Party member of the National Assembly of Quebec for the riding of Fabre.First elected in th ..
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Richard Ritter

Living people
  Richard Ritter (born 1940) is an American studio glass artist who lives in North Carolina.Early life Ritter was born in Detroit, but grew up in the then rural Mich ..
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Angel Shijoy

Living people
  Angel Shijoy is an Indian voice actress who mainly uses her voice in Malayalam film and advertising industry. She has been lending her voice for cinema, short fi ..
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Mo Gilligan

Living people
  Mosiah "Mo" Gilligan (born 19 February 1988) is a British stand-up comedian known for his observational comedy. After several years of uploading comedy clips to so ..
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Josip Perić

Living people
 Josip Perić (born 5 June 1992) is a Bosnian professional handball player for RK Eurofarm Pelister and the Bosniann national handball team. External links {{ ..
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Kitty Anderson (activist)

Living people
  Kitty Anderson is an intersex activist from Iceland. She is a co-chair of European intersex organization OII Europe, a co-founder of Intersex Iceland, and chairman ..
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Troy Parfitt

Living people
  Troy Parfitt is a Canadian author and traveler who focuses on critical travel commentary and cultural exposes. He grew up in New Brunswick, Canada but has lived ..
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Anoushiravan Ehteshami

Living people
  Anoushiravan "Anoush" Ehteshami ( ) is the Professor and Joint Director of the ESRC Centre for the Advanced Study of the Arab World at Durham University.http://www ..
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Anu Malik

Living people
  Anu Malik (born 2 November 1960) is an Indian music director and singer. He is an Indian National Award and Filmfare Award winning music director, who primarily co ..
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Brodi Kotila

Living people
  Brodi Kotila is an American political scientist who previously served as Assistant Secretary for Strategy, Plans, Analysis and Risk and Principal Deputy Assistant ..
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Murray Lachlan Young

Living people
  Murray Lachlan Young (born 14 March 1969) is a British poet, stand-up performer, broadcaster, playwright, screenwriter and children's author. He came to prominence ..
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Elizabeth Ofosu-Agyare

Living people
  Elizabeth Ofosu-Adjare (born March 1, 1974) is a Ghanaian lawyer and politician who served as Minister for Tourism, Culture and Creative Arts. She was appointed ..
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Barbara Gaardlykke Apol

Living people
  Barbara Gaardlykke Apol (born 27 April 1995) is Faroese politician and former president of the Nordic Council's organization for youth wing parties, Nordic Council ..
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John Pethica

Living people
  Sir John Bernard Pethica, (born 1953) is Science Foundation Ireland (S.F.I.) professor of material science at Trinity College, Dublin, Chief Scientific Advisor at ..
ago 50 minute , 23 seconds 28 view

Megumi Urawa

Living people
 is a Japanese voice actress who works for Aoni Production.Filmography Television animation Chibi Maruko-chan (1990), Tomiko Tomita, Midori Yoshikawa, Hiromi Maed ..
ago 50 minute , 39 seconds 31 view

Paul R. Verkuil

Living people
 Paul Robert Verkuil (born December 4, 1939) is an attorney, former dean of the Tulane University Law ..
ago 51 minute , 59 seconds 20 view

Robby Gordon

Living people
  updated = November 25, 2020Robert Wesley Gordon (born January 2, 1969) is an American auto racing driver. He has raced in NASCAR, CART, IndyCar, Trans-A ..
ago 52 minute 26 view

George Mikhailovich Romanov

Living people
  George Mikhailovich Romanov ( ; born 13 March 1981) is the heir apparent to Grand Duchess Maria Vladimirovna of Russia, a claimant to the disputed Headship of the ..
ago 53 minute , 42 seconds 32 view

Peter Stebbings

Living people
  Peter Stebbings is a Canadian actor, director, producer, and screenwriter best known for portraying Kevin Sharp in the drama series Madison, Paul Deeds in the seri ..
ago 53 minute , 43 seconds 24 view

Oz Clarke

Living people
  Robert Owen Clarke (born 1949), known as Oz Clarke, is a British wine writer, television presenter and broadcaster. Early life Clarke's parents were a chest physic ..
ago 53 minute , 43 seconds 28 view

Asami Shimoda

Living people
  is a Japanese actress, voice actress and singer. Her better known roles include the Futami twins in The Idolmaster, and Kagamine Rin and Len in the Vocaloid Crypto ..
ago 53 minute , 58 seconds 4 view

Andrew Booker (mathematician)

Living people
  {{ Infobox scientistname = Andrew Bookerimage = AndrewBookerAtBroomBridge_(cropped).jpgcaption =birth_date = 1976birth_pl ..
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Wayne Harris (Canadian jockey)

Living people
  Wayne Harris (born c. 1948) is a retired Canadian jockey in Thoroughbred horse racing who competed in Canada and the United States and who is best known for winni ..
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Julian Gardner (lawyer)

Living people
  Julian Gardner is an Australian lawyer renowned for his promotion of human rights through the practice of law. In 2015 he was made a Member of the Order of Austral ..
ago 54 minute , 30 seconds 3 view

Yangjin Pak

Living people
 Yangjin Pak, or Pak Yangjin, is an archaeologist and Professor in the Department of Archaeology at Chungnam National University in Daejeon, South Korea.Education ..
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Chhota Rajan

Living people
  Rajendra Sadashiv Nikalje (born 5 December 1959), popularly known by his moniker Chhota Rajan, is an Indian criminal and mobster who served as the boss of a major ..
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Stephen Mertz

Living people
  Stephen Mertz is an American fiction author who is best known for his mainstream thrillers and novels of suspense. His work covers a wide variety of styles from p ..
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Mohammed Mulibah Sherif

Living people
  Mohammed Mulibah Sherif (born 16 April 1975) is the General Manager of regional transmission company TRANSCO CLSG (Cote d'Ivoire, Liberia, Sierra Leone, Guinee) ba ..
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Adam Rogers (musician)

Living people
  Adam Rogers is an American jazz guitarist.Early life The son of Broadway performers and musicians, he began playing piano and drums at just 5 or 6. He became "obse ..
ago 57 minute , 47 seconds 7 view

Julianne Mweheire

Living people
  Julianne Rwakakoko Mweheire (née Julianne Rwakakoko), but commonly referred to as Julianne Mweheire, is a Ugandan management professional, accountant and corpor ..
ago 58 minute , 17 seconds 6 view

Pira Sudham

Living people
  Pira Sudham (Pira Canning Sudham) ( , ), is an author of Thai descent. He was born in a village in Isan in northeastern Thailand. At age fourteen, he left Isan for ..
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Augusto Mendes

Living people
  name = Augusto Mendesbirth_date = birth_place = Rio de Janeiro, Brazildeath_date =death_place =death_cause =residence =nat ..
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Mike Pereira

Living people
  Mike Pereira (born April 13, 1950) is a former American football official and later Vice President of Officiating for the National Football League (NFL). Since 2 ..
ago 59 minute , 48 seconds 5 view

Devon Bell

Living people
  Devon Bell (born July 4, 1993) is an American football placekicker who is currently a free agent. He was signed as an undrafted free agent by the Detroit Lions aft ..
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David S. Sutherland

Living people
  David S. Sutherland (born 1948/1949) is an American businessman, and the non-executive chairman of U.S. Steel, since January 2014, when he succeeded John P. Surma. ..
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Lisa Hickey

Living people
 Lisa Hickey is an American author, advertising consultant, and social media consultant. She is the CEO of Good Men Media, Inc. and the Publisher of Good Men Magazin ..
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Marcellus Osceola Jr.

Living people
  Marcellus William Osceola Jr. (born in 1972) is the current and 7th Tribal Council Chairman of the Seminole Tribe of Florida. Osceola won a special election in 201 ..
ago 1 hour , 3 minute 22 view

Avril Benoit

Living people
 Avril Benoît is the executive director of Doctors Without Borders/Médecins Sans Frontières in the United States (MSF-USA) (as of June 2019). Previously, Ms ..
ago 1 hour , 4 minute 28 view

Siri Nilsen

Living people
  Siri Anne Nilsen (born 12 April 1985, Oslo, Norway)Siri Nilsen - Store norske leksikon, is a Norwegian singer-songwriter and voice actress. "As the daughte ..
ago 1 hour , 4 minute 20 view

Nurul Haq Nur

Living people
  Md Nurul Haque ( ) is a Bangladeshi politician. He came to prominence in 2018 as a joint-convener of Bangladesh Sadharan Chhatra Adhikar Sangrakshan Parishad, whic ..
ago 1 hour , 4 minute 21 view

Karl Sanders

Living people
  Karl Sanders (born June 5, 1963) is an American musician, most widely known as the founding member of the American ancient Egyptian-themed technical death metal ba ..
ago 1 hour , 4 minute 30 view

Mark Matkevich

Living people
  Mark Matkevich is an American art gallerist and actor best known for appearing as Drue Valentine in 17 episodes of the television program Dawson's Creek. He also a ..
ago 1 hour , 9 minute 22 view

Aline Lahoud

Living people
  Aline Lahoud ( ; born 2 March 1986) is a Lebanese singer. Life Lahoud's parents are Salwa Al Katrib and producer Nahi interview with Aline Lah ..
ago 1 hour , 9 minute 31 view

Andrew Westmoreland

Living people
  Andrew Westmoreland is an academic administrator. He has served as the 18th President of Samford University in Birmingham, Alabama since 2006. From 1998 to 2006, h ..
ago 1 hour , 13 minute 9 view

Lynn Benesch

Living people
  Lynn Benesch, born Lynn Benish in Westchester, New York, aka Lynn Chester, is an American actress and singer, best known for her role as Meredith Lord Wolek on the ..
ago 3 hour , 10 minute 555 view

Kenneth Pomeranz

Living people
 Kenneth Pomeranz, FBA (born November 4, 1958) is University Professor of History at the University of Chicago. He received his B.A. from Cornell University in 1980 ..
ago 7 hour , 16 minute 8 view

Joo Seong-ha

Living people
  Joo Seong-ha ( ) is a journalist from North Korea who defected to South Korea in 2002. Currently he is working as a reporter in the international affairs departmen ..
ago 17 hour , 12 minute 7 view

Serena Korda

Living people
  Serena Korda (born 1979) is a British visual artist. She has made work across a number of disciplines including performance, sculpture, ceramics and public art. H ..
ago 19 hour , 5 minute 72 view

Robert Pogue Harrison

Living people
  Robert Pogue Harrison (born 1954 in Izmir, Turkey) is a professor of literature at Stanford University, where he is Rosina Pierotti Professor in Italian Literature ..
ago 21 hour , 9 minute 6 view

Paula Mifsud Bonnici

Living people
 Paula Mifsud Bonnici, is a Maltese lawyer and politician, member of the Parliament of Malta between 2013 and 2017 for Nationalist Party representing the District 1. ..
ago 23 hour , 8 minute 4 view

Aniqah Gaffoor

Living people
  module2 = Aniqah Gaffoor (born 23 January 2004) is a Sri Lankan swimmer.In 2019, she represented Sri Lanka at the 2019 World Aquatics Championships held in ..
ago 23 hour , 9 minute 13 view

James Fleming (author)

Living people
  James R. Fleming, born (London) 26 February 1944, is an English author (related to spy author Ian Fleming and travel writer Peter Fleming).He recently lived for th ..
ago 23 hour , 9 minute 7 view

Jonathan Keates

Living people
  Jonathan Keates FRSL (born 1946) is an English writer, biographer, novelist and Chairman of the Venice in Peril Fund.Venice in Peril Fund President, Chairman and T ..
ago 23 hour , 9 minute 10 view

Sabrina Jeffries

Living people
 Sabrina Jeffries is the pen name of a best-selling American author of romance novels, who also writes under the pen names Deborah Martin and Deborah Nicholas.Biogra ..
ago 23 hour , 9 minute 9 view

Mohammed Ahmed Mustafa al-Dabi

Living people
  Lieutenant General Mohammed Ahmed Mustafa al-Dabi ( ; born February 1948) is a Sudanese military commander and intelligence officer who served as head of the Arab ..
ago 1 Day , 18 hour 12 view

Vera Songwe

Living people
 Vera Songwe is an Economist and Banking executive from Cameroon who has worked for the World Bank since 1998, and in 2015 became Western and Central Africa's region ..
ago 1 Day , 20 hour 18 view

Tikiko Noke

Living people
  Tikiko Noke is a Fijian rugby league footballer for the Ravoravo Rabbitohs and the Kaiviti Silktails. who represented Fiji at the 2013 World Cup.Early years Noke a ..
ago 2 Day 25 view

Lucy Akello

Living people
  Lucy Akello is a Ugandan social worker and politician, who serves as the elected member of parliament for the Amuru District Women's Constituency in the 10th Parli ..
ago 2 Day , 3 hour 15 view

Abu Musa Mombasa

Living people
 Abu Musa Mombasa is a Pakistani member of the Somali militant paramilitary group al-Shabaab who serves as the group's chief of security and training operations. ht ..
ago 2 Day , 5 hour 98 view

Add Fuel

Living people
  Add Fuel is Portuguese visual artist and illustrator Diogo Machado (born 1980). With a degree in Graphic Design from Lisbon's IADE – Institute of Visual Art ..
ago 2 Day , 10 hour 6 view

Osita Okeagu

Living people
  Osita Okeagu (born 29 November 1978) is a retired Nigerian athlete who specialised in the 400 metres hurdles. He won the gold medal in the event at the 2003 All-Af ..
ago 2 Day , 10 hour 4 view

Omotunde Adebowale David

Living people
  Omotunde Adebowale David, popularly known as Lolo1, is a Nollywood actress, and a Nigerian radio presenter. She hosted the radio programme, ‘Oga Madam†..
ago 2 Day , 10 hour 3 view

Sajjad Fazel

Living people
 Sajjad Sherally Fazel (born May 14, 1991) is a Canadian clinical pharmacist, public health researcher, health columnist and the founder of Afya Yako, Tanzania's fir ..
ago 2 Day , 10 hour 7 view

Wendy Henry

Living people
  Wendy Henry is a former British journalist and newspaper editor.Early life Henry was born in Lancashire in 1951, and with her twin sist ..
ago 2 Day , 14 hour 2 view

Patteson Oti

Living people
 thumbrightPatteson Oti in August 2007John Patteson Oti, sometimes called Patterson Oti (born 17 January 1956), is a Solomon Islands politician and diplomat. He was ..
ago 2 Day , 15 hour 3 view

Samuel Sserunkuuma

Living people
  Samuel Sserunkuuma (also Samuel Serunkuuma), is a Ugandan public administrator, who serves as the Acting Deputy Executive Director of Kampala Capital City Authorit ..
ago 2 Day , 18 hour 3 view

Ayanna McClean

Living people
  Ayanna McClean is a hockey umpire from Trinidad and Tobago and former defender for the Trinidad and Tobago women's national field hockey team. She is the second p ..
ago 2 Day , 19 hour 42 view

Kingsley Chinda

Living people
 Kingsley Ogundu Chinda (born 24 March 1966) is a Nigerian politician and member of the Nigerian National Assembly. O.K Chinda is currently representing Obio/Akpor C ..
ago 2 Day , 20 hour 58 view


Living people
  occupation = years_active = 2009–presentlabel = associated_acts = website = Glen Earl Boothe (born March 8, 1988), professionally ..
ago 2 Day , 20 hour 4 view

Margulan Seisembayev

Living people
 Margulan Seissembayev ( , Marǵulan Qalıuly Seısembaev; born 2 November 1966) is a Kazakhstan businessman, entrepreneur, investor and philanthropist. unti ..
ago 2 Day , 20 hour 4 view

Murray Wright

Living people
  Murray Wright is a New Zealand rugby league player who represented New Zealand in the 1975 World Cup.Playing career Wright played for Otahuhu and played for Auckla ..
ago 2 Day , 20 hour 6 view

Lynda Tabuya

Living people
 Lynda Diseru Tabuya (born 1972) is a Fijian politician and lawyer.Early life Tabuya grew up in Wakanisila in Kadavu Province and is iTaukei. She was educated at Ya ..
ago 2 Day , 20 hour 6 view

Anton Hagman

Living people
 Anton Per Erik Hagman (born 8 September 1998) is a Swedish singer. He competed in Melodifestivalen 2017 with the song "Kiss You Goodbye". On 18 February 2017, he ad ..
ago 2 Day , 20 hour 10 view

Siân Evans (librarian)

Living people
 Siân Evans is an American librarian, activist, and Wikimedian. She is co-founder of the Art+Feminism, a global edit-a-thon to challenge gender bias on Wikipedia. ..
ago 2 Day , 22 hour 5 view

Joel Berghult

Living people
  label = associated_acts = module2 = {{Infobox YouTube personalityembed = Yeschannel_name = RoomieOfficialchannel_url = g ..
ago 3 Day , 3 hour 3 view

Bob Nygaard

Living people
 Bob Nygaard is an American private investigator (PI) specializing in the investigation of confidence crimes, most notably psychic fraud. He has been instrumental in ..
ago 3 Day , 11 hour 5 view

Udaykrishna–Sibi K. Thomas

Living people
  Udaykrishna–Sibi K. Thomas is an Indian screenwriting duo known for their works in Malayalam cinema. Most of their works are in the comedy genre. They wrot ..
ago 3 Day , 11 hour 13 view

Bridget Hustwaite

Living people
  Bridget Hustwaite (born 10 April 1991) is an Australian radio and television presenter, journalist and Endometriosis Australia ambassador. She hosts the evening pr ..
ago 3 Day , 15 hour 2 view

Aroon Purie

Living people
  {{Multiple issuesAroon Purie (sometimes spelt as Arun Puri) (born 1944) is an Indian businessman, and the founder-publisher and former editor-in-chief of India Tod ..
ago 3 Day , 15 hour 6 view

Jaideep Deswal

Living people
  Jaideep Singh Deswal is an Indian athletics competitor, representing India at the 2012 Summer Paralympics in London, United Kingdom, in the discus throw event unde ..
ago 3 Day , 17 hour 2 view

Ali Rameez

Living people
  signature = ethnicity = spouse = module2 = Ali Rameez (22 August 1971) is a Maldivian Muslim cleric and a former pl ..
ago 3 Day , 19 hour 9 view

Pierre Cosso

Living people
  Pierre Cosso born Pierre-Alexandre Cosso, (September 24, 1961 in Algiers), is a French actor and singer-songwriter.Career Cosso's first film was the popular teen c ..
ago 3 Day , 20 hour 4 view

Kunal Ganjawala

Living people
  Kunal Ganjawala (born 14 April 1972) is an Indian playback singer whose songs are mostly featured in Hindi and Kannada films. He has also sung in Marathi, Bengali ..
ago 3 Day , 22 hour 6 view

Lorenz Bogaert

Living people
  Lorenz Bogaert, born 1976, is a Belgian serial Internet entrepreneur. He is co-founder of Massive Media, a social media company owning digital brands such as soci ..
ago 4 Day , 5 hour 6 view

Vincent Toro

Living people
  Vincent Toro is a Puerto Rican teacher, poet, playwright, and director. His poetry is focused on the experience of people who cross the US-Mexico border and Latin ..
ago 4 Day , 6 hour 4 view

Jake Mulraney

Living people
  Jake David Mulraney (born 5 April 1996) is an Irish footballer who plays for Atlanta United, as a midfielder. He has previously played for Ilkeston, Queens Park Ra ..
ago 4 Day , 9 hour 72 view

Michael Tusiime

Living people
  Michael Tusiime (born 29 January 1972) is a Ugandan economist, tax consultant, administrator and politician. He is the elected Member of Parliament for Mbarara Mun ..
ago 4 Day , 9 hour 4 view

Bogumił Gacka

Living people
  BogumiÅ‚ Zygmunt Gacka (born 1955) is a Catholic priest, member of the Marian Fathers and the Professor of Christian Personalism at the Cardinal Stefan Wyszy ..
ago 4 Day , 9 hour 3 view

Evans Kodjo Ahorsey

Living people
  Evans Kodjo Ahorsey is a Ghanaian politician and member of the Ghana Parliament that represented Ayensuano Constituency in the Estern Region of Ghana. Political ..
ago 4 Day , 9 hour 3 view

Grace Boachie

Living people
  Grace Boachie is a Ghanaian Politician and a member of the second Parliament of the Fourth Republic representing the Tano South Constituency in the Brong Ahafo Reg ..
ago 4 Day , 9 hour 4 view

Nina Alovert

Living people
  Nina Alovert (born 1935) is a ballet photographer and writer. She lives in the United States, following her emigration from the Soviet Union in 1977. Alovert was ..
ago 4 Day , 9 hour 2 view

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