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C.S. Eliot Kang

  C.S. Eliot Kang (born Choo Soon Kang in 1962) is an American diplomat and member of the Senior Executive Service. He is Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary of the ..
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1958 Wyoming Cowboys football team

  The 1958 Wyoming Cowboys football team represented the University of Wyoming in the 1958 NCAA University Division football season. It was the Cowboys' 63rd season ..
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Me, I'm All Smiles

  Me, I'm All Smiles is a live compilation of Echo & the Bunnymen songs recorded in London in 2005, released on September 2006. It finishes, like their 1984 album, O ..
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Ralph Johonnot

 Ralph Helm Johonnot (1880–1940) was an American artist, designer, and arts educator, he is known for his educational series on color and interior decoration ..
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Elgg (software)

  Elgg is open source social networking software that provides individuals and organizations with the components needed to create an online social environment. It of ..
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List of rural localities in Vologda Oblast

 This is a list of rural localities in Vologda Oblast. Vologda Oblast ( ) is a federal subject of Russia (an oblast). Its administrative center is Vologda. Populatio ..
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 K35OU-D, virtual channel 21 (UHF digital channel 35), is a low-powered HSN-affiliated television station licensed to Tucson, Arizona, United States. The station is ..
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Sulzbach, Hesse

 Sulzbach is a municipality in the Main-Taunus district, in Hesse, Germany and part of the Frankfurt Rhein-Main urban area.History Sulzbach is first referred to in 1 ..
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Tom and Jerry The Chuck Jones Collection

  Tom and Jerry: The Chuck Jones Collection is a two-disc DVD collection of animated short cartoons starring Tom and Jerry, produced by Chuck Jones, released by Warn ..
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Aryaman Vikram Birla Institute of Learning

  Aryaman Vikram Birla Institute of Learning is an English medium co-educational day school located in the city of Haldwani, Uttarakhand. Aryaman Vikram Birla Instit ..
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Laast Romeo

  A musical artist from Bokaro Steel City , 1. His real name is Kaushal Gahlot. He has got fame from the label Laast Romeo Creation. His father name suchit paswan (g ..
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Rashōmon (Noh play)

  drawing of the demon on the Rajōmon gateRashōmon (羅生門) is a Noh play by Kanze Nobumitsu (c.1420).Daiji Maruoka Noh 1974 Page 127 "Kanze N ..
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Spam LinkReports

  Links * resolves to // *: * Link is not on the blacklist. * Link is not on the domainredlist. * Link is not o ..
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Mansfield school desegregation incident

  The Mansfield school desegregation incident is a 1956 event in the Civil Rights Movement in Mansfield, Texas, a suburb of the Dallas–Fort Worth metroplex.In ..
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Gallery Project

 {{multiple issuesGallery or Menalto Gallery is an open-source project enabling management and publication of digital photographs and other media through a PHP-enabl ..
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Lorenzo Carter (American football)

  Lorenzo Carter (born December 10, 1995) is an American football linebacker for the New York Giants of the National Football League (NFL). He played college footbal ..
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St Albans F.C.

  St Albans F.C. were a football club based in St Albans, England. They were founded in 1881 and competed in the Southern League in the 1897–98 and 1898†..
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Massacre of Grischino

  The Massacre of Grischino was a war crime committed by members of the Red Army in February 1943 in the eastern Ukrainian towns of Krasnoarmeyskoye, Postyschewo and ..
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Moyston, Victoria

Towns in Victoria
  Moyston is a town in the Western District region of Victoria, Australia, near the Grampians mountain range. The town is located in the Rural City of Ararat local ..
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Osbert Potter

 Osbert Potter (born May 8, 1956 in Tortola, British Virgin Islands) served as the 11th Lieutenant Governor of the United States Virgin Islands, from 2015 to 2019.Bi ..
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Google hacking

  Google hacking, also named Google Dorking,Term Of The Day: Google Dorking - Business Insider Google dork q ..
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Henk Bos (footballer)

  Henk Bos (born 12 November 1992) is a Dutch footballer who plays as an attacking midfielder and is currently without a club.Club career Bos formerly played for FC ..
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John C. Cremony

 Major John C. Cremony (1815 – August 24, 1879) was an American soldier who wrote the first dictionary of the Apache language and later became a newspaperman ..
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Joseph Gaither Pratt

 Joseph Gaither Pratt (August 31, 1910 – November 3, 1979) was an American psychologist who specialized in the field of parapsychology. Among his research int ..
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Estonia at the 1994 Winter Paralympics

 Estonia participated in The VI. Winter Paralympic Games in Lillehammer, Norway.Estonia entered 13 athletes in the following sports: Biathlon and Cross-country skii ..
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Takhti Stadium (Ahvaz)

  The Takhti Stadium of Ahvaz ( ) is a multi-purpose stadium in Ahvaz, Iran. It is currently used mostly for football and rugby matches. The stadium is able to hold ..
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Platform Party

  {{Infobox Korean namehangul=더불어시민당hanja=더불어市民黨{{langzh-Hant 市民黨, {{langja å¸ ..
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Shaun Brooks

English footballers
  Shaun Brooks (born 9 October 1962) is an English former professional footballer who played in the Football League for Crystal Palace, Leyton Orient and Bournemouth ..
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Krzyżanki, Człuchów County

 {{Other placesKrzyżanki (disambiguation) KrzyżankiKrzyżanki is a village in the administrative district of Gmina Człuchów, within Człuchów County, Pomeranian ..
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Female education in Nigeria

  Women in Nigeria have had various challenges in order to obtain equal education in all forms of formal education in Nigeria.{{Cite webtitle=Improving women's educa ..
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Albert Power (priest)

  Albert Power SJ (12 November 1870 - 12 October 1948) was a Roman Catholic Jesuit priest, academic and author. He was considered to be one of the best-known Jesuit ..
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Alison Tellure

  Alison Tellure is an American writer of science fiction who published several pieces of short fiction in the 1970s and 80s. Life Tellure was born in Chicago, Ill ..
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Natural Light

  Natural Light, sometimes Natty Light colloquially, is a reduced-calorie light lager brewed by Anheuser-Busch since its introduction on July 31, 1977. Its ingredien ..
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Comparison of office suites

 The following tables compare general and technical information for a number of office suites: General information { -! Office suite! Windows! Mac OS! GNU/Linux! BS ..
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Coat of arms of Guyana

  The coat of arms of Guyana (Co-operative Republic of Guyana) was granted by the College of Arms on 25 February 1966.It includes a crest of an Amerindian head-dress ..
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Breston Plantation House

 Breston Plantation House in Caldwell Parish, Louisiana, was built in the 1830s. It was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1980.It is located behi ..
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Paul Lordon

  Paul Benedict Lordon (January 24, 1915 – November 9, 1992) was a Canadian politician. He served in the Legislative Assembly of New Brunswick from 1960 to 19 ..
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Mormons vs. Mullets

  The 2020 BYU vs. Coastal Carolina football game, popularly known as Mormons vs. Mullets, was a regular season college football game played on December 5, 2020, at ..
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Pearl Dairy Farms Limited

  Pearl Dairy Farms Limited, often referred to as Pearl Dairy, is a dairy processing company in Uganda. Location The head office and factory of Pearl Dairy Farms Lim ..
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River Torrent

  River Torrent is a river in County Tyrone, Northern Ireland which enters the River Blackwater approximately 4 km (2.5 mi) from Maghery ferry. It was a g ..
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Hankyū Kōbe Main Line

  The of Hankyu Railway is one of the three major commuter heavy rail lines in the Keihanshin conurbation of Japan. It links the urban centres of Osaka and Kobe by ..
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Lagos Daily News

  The Lagos Daily News is a Nigerian newspaper founded in 1925 that was the first daily newspaper in British West Africa. It was bought by Herbert Macaulay and John ..
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Alexander Alexeyevich Gorsky

 Alexander Gorsky (August 6, 1871 – 1924), a Russian ballet choreographer and a contemporary of Marius Petipa, is known for restaging Petipa's classical ballets su ..
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The New Republic

  The New Republic is an American magazine of commentary on politics, contemporary culture, and the arts. Founded in 1914 by several leaders of the progressive movem ..
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Carola B. Eisenberg

 {{Multiple issuesCarola Blitzman Eisenberg (born September 15, 1917) was the first woman to hold the position of Dean of Students at Massachusetts Institute of Tech ..
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Doyali Islam

  Doyali Islam is a Canadian poet."Why Griffin Poetry Prize finalist Doyali Islam created a new poetic form to explore kinship and well-being". CBC Books, April 16, ..
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Paul Malong Awan

  Paul Malong Awan (born 1962), also known as Paul Malong Awan Anei, King Paul, and General Paul, is a South Sudanese politician and military figure. Until 16 May 20 ..
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Francisco Torrent-Guasp

  Francisco ("Paco") Torrent-Guasp (Gandia, 1931 - Madrid, 2005). was a spanish cardiologist whose research focused on the anatomy and physiology of the human hear ..
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1988–89 Dumbarton F.C. season

  Season 1988–89 was the 105th football season in which Dumbarton competed at a Scottish national level, entering the Scottish Football League for the 83rd ti ..
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Tamil inscriptions in Sri Lanka

  Tamil inscriptions in Sri Lanka date from the centuries before Christ to the modern era. The vast majority of inscriptions date to the centuries following the 10t ..
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Company for Gertrude

  "Company for Gertrude" is a short story by P. G. Wodehouse, which first appeared in the United Kingdom in the September 1928 Strand, and in the United States in th ..
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Phonetic symbols in Unicode

  Unicode supports several phonetic scripts and notations through the existing writing systems and the addition of extra blocks with phonetic characters. These phone ..
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I Might Have Been Queen

  "I Might Have Been Queen" is a song written for Tina Turner as the first track on her highly successful Private Dancer album, and later included as a re-mixed vers ..
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Australian politics Missing topics

  Created Fri, 29 Jun 2018 01:03:50 +0000 by // the MissingTopics tool (// ..
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Spam LinkReports

  Reporting statistics of link; 21 records. . resolves to - . Link is not on the blacklist. Reports 23:05:58, Wed Jan 16, 2008 :pt ..
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Ruth McKernan

  Dr. Ruth Mitchell McKernan is a British neuroscientist known for her work on ligand-gated ion channels, working in biotech and pharma industries as well as for her ..
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Guyanese literature

  Guyanese literature has been produced by a number of authors, most of whom write in the English language. Many Guyanese-born writers have emigrated abroad.History ..
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Iskandar Safa

 Iskandar Safa (born April 1955) is a French businessman of Lebanese origin. Together with his brother Akram Safa, he is the owner of Privinvest Holding, a major i ..
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James Fleming (author)

Living people
  James R. Fleming, born (London) 26 February 1944, is an English author (related to spy author Ian Fleming and travel writer Peter Fleming).He recently lived for th ..
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Jean Sprackland

  Jean Sprackland (born 1962) is an English poet and writer, the author of five collections of poetry and two books of essays about place and nature.Biography Origin ..
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Brendan Bell (politician)

  Brendan Bell (born August 17, 1971 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin) is an American-born Canadian territorial level politician and former cabinet minister. He was first ele ..
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Jonathan Keates

Living people
  Jonathan Keates FRSL (born 1946) is an English writer, biographer, novelist and Chairman of the Venice in Peril Fund.Venice in Peril Fund President, Chairman and T ..
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Berlie Doherty

  Berlie Doherty (born in Liverpool; 6 November 1943) is an English novelist, poet, playwright and screenwriter. She is best known for children's books, for which sh ..
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Nico Santucci

  Nico Santucci, born Nicholas Joseph Santucci in Chicago, Illinois is an Italian-American restaurateur, entrepreneur and designer. He is the founder and CEO of Blac ..
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Spam LinkReports

  Links * resolves to // *: * Link is not on the blacklist. * Link is not on the domainredlist. * Link ..
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Freestyle scootering

 {{Multiple issuesFreestyle scootering (also known as scootering, scooter riding, or simply riding) is an extreme sport that involves using stunt scooters to perform ..
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Multi TV

  Multi TV is a privately owned satellite television station based in Ghana. The station offers a variety of news, sports and entertainment channel in digital form ..
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Lorenzo Carter

  {{multiple issuesMajor Lorenzo Carter was the first permanent settler in Cleveland, Ohio, United States.Born in 1767, Carter spent his early years in Warren, Conne ..
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  Endeavorist ( ) is a science-oriented web application incorporating social networking, crowdfunding, and research collaboration services within a central "curiosit ..
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Virginia State Route 612 (Fairfax and Prince William Counties)

  State Route 612 in Fairfax and Prince William Counties, Virginia is a secondary state highway.VA DOT Daily Traffic Volume Estimates (Fairfax) 2007 Retrieved June 1 ..
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Warrenton Nursing Home fire

  The Warrenton Nursing Home fire took place at the Katie Jane Memorial Home for the Aged in Warrenton, Missouri, on February 17, 1957, and killed 72 people. The -st ..
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Bassfield, Mississippi

 Bassfield is a town in Jefferson Davis County, Mississippi, United States. The population was 254 at the 2010 census, down from 315 at the 2000 census. As of 2017, ..
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David Myatt

 David Wulstan MyattSome accounts give Myatt's middle name as William, such as the 1998 edition of Searchlight magazine and Black Sun: Chapter "Nazi satanism and the ..
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Joanna of Castile

  {{multiple issuesJoanna (6 November 1479 – 12 April 1555), known historically as Joanna the Mad ( ), was Queen of Castile from 1504 and Queen of Aragon from 1516 ..
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  The Wikimedia was a cluster of servers that ran all the Wikipedia Toolserver tools; it was operated by Wikimedia Deutschland e. V.http://w ..
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Fort Saulsbury

 Fort Saulsbury was a United States Army coastal defense fort near Slaughter Beach and Milford, Delaware. From 1924 to 1943 it was the primary heavy gun defense in ..
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Boston early clock industry

 {{Multiple issuesThe Boston early clock industry is the 19th-century industry of a neighborhood on Roxbury Street, which had not yet been incorporated into Boston.T ..
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Cool Devices

  Cool Devices{{refngroup=nbFull title: is a series of animated hentai pornographic videos. Released as OVA, the series consists of eleven mainly unrelated episode ..
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Lucius Tarius Rufus

 Lucius Tarius Rufus (died 1st century AD) was a Roman senator and military officer who was elected suffect consul in 16 BC to replace Publius Cornelius Scipio.Biogr ..
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Middletown Unified School District

 Middletown Unified School District is a school district located in Lake County, California.Schools Middletown Unified School District contains the following schools ..
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Dry Fork (Salt River tributary)

 Dry Fork is a stream in Ralls County in the U.S. state of Missouri. It is a tributary of Mark Twain Lake on the Salt River.The stream headwaters arise at about 3. ..
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Honesto Pesimo, Jr.

  Honesto "Jun" Pesimo, Jr. is a Bicolano writer, teacher and the author of Bagyo sa Oktubre (2009).Bikol Literary Titles to be Launched on August 15 Vox Bikol (retr ..
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Uttarakhand Devabhumi Matribhumi

  Uttarakhand Devabhumi Matribhumi (English: Uttarakhand, Land of the Gods, O Motherland!) is the official state song of the Indian state of Uttarakhand. The song is ..
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Grand Bell Awards

  The Grand Bell Awards ( ), also known as the Daejong Film Awards, is an awards ceremony presented annually by The Motion Pictures Association of Korea for excellen ..
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  Wurzbach is a town in the Saale-Orla-Kreis district, in southern Thuringia, Germany. It is situated southeast of Saalfeld, and northwest of Hof.History Within the ..
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Yemen Gate

  The Yemen Gate or Gate of Yemen ( ) is the main gate of Sana's old fortified wall, on the southern extremity of the walled city. Its current appearance dates to th ..
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BSC Saturn Köln

  BSC Saturn 77 Köln, commonly known as Saturn Köln or Saturn Cologne, was a professional basketball club based in the fourth-largest city of Germany, Cologne. ..
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Stanley Piltz

  Stanley A. Piltz (November 24, 1887 – January 16, 1973)State of California. California Death Index, 1940-1997. Sacramento, CA, USA: State of California Depa ..
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Coppermine Photo Gallery (2nd nomination)

  The following discussion is an archived debate of the proposed deletion of the article below. Sandstein 21:58, 22 March 2018 (UTC):Coppermine Photo Gallery Pleas ..
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Nat Gertler

  Nat Gertler (born April 30, 1965 ) is an American writer known for his comic books and his books about comics, including four on Charles Schulz's Peanuts. Gertler ..
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Administrators' noticeboard Webgeek

  Community ban of spammer This was discovered because of the research skills of Nposs. Since 6 May 2005 contributions conists of self promotion by adding links to ..
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2013 UK & Ireland Greyhound Racing Year

  The 2013 UK & Ireland Greyhound Racing Year was the 88th year of greyhound racing in the United Kingdom and Ireland. Summary Tracks The GRA was subject to a manage ..
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Harlan Annsworth Powers

  The following discussion is an archived debate of the proposed deletion of the article below. howchengt • c • w • e 00:56, 21 December 2005 (UTC)Ha ..
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Erich Oberdorfer

  Erich Oberdorfer (born March 26, 1905 in Freiburg; died September 23, 2002) was a German biologist specializing in phytosociology and phytogeography. His official ..
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Muirhead v Industrial Tank Specialist Ltd

 {{Multiple issuesMuirhead v Industrial Tank Specialties Ltd and Other 1986 QB 507 is an English Court of Appeal case concerning the recovery of pure economic loss i ..
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Anthony Aibel

Living people
 Anthony Aibel is an American actor and musical director. He is best known for his shows at Carnegie Hall and The Kennedy Center that featured artists such as EGOT ..
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Bruno Cantanhede

  {{multiple issuesBruno Cunha Cantanhede (born 22 July 1993), or simply Bruno, is a Brazilian professional footballer who plays as a forward for Viettel in Vietnam. ..
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Village pump (technical) Archive V

  Spam blacklist for TinyURL In my recent edit of TinyURL, I had to cripple all of the relevant external links to because the site has been put on the ..
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Stirrings Still The International Journal of Existential Literature

  The following discussion is an archived debate of the proposed deletion of the article below. Relisted to generate a more thorough discussion so that consensus ma ..
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Draft Pirat nitipaisalkul

  {{infobox personname - pirat nitipaisalkulother name - Mike D Angeloimage - birth date ..
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List of Vogue Portugal cover models

  The following discussion is an archived debate of the proposed deletion of the article below. North America100018:45, 25 November 2018 (UTC)North America100018:45, ..
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Pukbunaeryuk Line

 {{Infobox Korean namecontext=northhangul=북부선hanja= mr=Pukpu-sŏnrr=Bukbu-seonThe Pukbunaeryuk Line, also called the Hyesan–Manp'o Ch'ŏn ..
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Robert Wesley Amick

 Robert Wesley Amick (1879-1969) was an American painter, illustrator and teacher who specialized in romantic paintings of the early western history of the United St ..
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Draft Vladimir Leonidovich Sverdlov-Ashkenazi

 Vladimir Leonidovich Sverdlov-Ashkenazi (born on July 21, 1976, Moscow) is a Russian pianist and composer. Bio {{Musicianbackground = 'non_vocal_instrumental ..
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John Wilson Foster

  John Wilson Foster (born 1942) is an Irish literary critic and cultural historian. Early life and career John Wilson (Jack) Foster was born and grew up in Belfast ..
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Jacobo Grinberg

 Jacobo Grinberg-Zylberbaum (born Mexico City, 1946), known as Jacobo Grinberg was a Mexican neurophysiologist and psychologist. He studied Mexican shamanism, Easter ..
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SEAT Ibiza

  The SEAT Ibiza is a supermini car manufactured by Spanish car manufacturer SEAT since 1984. It is SEAT's best-selling car. The Ibiza is named after the Spanish is ..
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Institute for Strategy and Reconciliation

 The Institute for Strategy and Reconciliation (ISR, also known as The International Strategy and Reconciliation Foundation, Incorporated) is an independent, non-pro ..
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Avivim school bus bombing

  The Avivim school bus massacre was a terrorist attack on an Israeli school bus on May 22, 1970 in which 12 civilians were killed, nine of them children, and 25 wer ..
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Ohum Festival

 Ohum Festival is a traditional festival of the Akyems in the Eastern Region of Ghana. .The festival is celebrated on a Tuesday/Wednesdays in September or Octobe ..
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Files for discussion 2016 October 20

  The following discussion is an archived debate of the proposed deletion of the media below. Talk 14:10, 10 January 2017 (UTC) :File:Bob Dylan - Bringing It All Bac ..
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Reference desk Archives Science 2019 September 23

Pages with parser
 {{#ifeq: Special:Undelete {{#ifeq: Wikipedia{{#switch: = { width = "100%"-! colspan="3" align="center" Science desk-! width="20%" align="left" < September 22 ..
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Spam COIReports 2008, Mar 3

  23:48:06, Mon Mar 03, 2008 - :user:Lashorts - user talk (contribs) on page :LA Shorts Fest (diff) -> calculated overlap Lashorts LA Shorts Fest (U->P: 100% - P- ..
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List of secondary schools in Midlands Province

  This is a list of secondary schools in Midlands Province in Zimbabwe, sorted by district. Chirumhanzu District Chamakanda Secondary School Chengwena Secondary ..
ago 8 hour , 22 minute 9 view

Richard Sharpe Shaver

  thumbrightShaver's run of Amazing cover stories continued in September 1945 with "Cave City of Hel"File:Amazing stories 194512.jpgthumbright"Quest of Brail" closed ..
ago 8 hour , 22 minute 19 view

Ian Tyson

  Ian Dawson Tyson (born 25 September 1933) is a Canadian singer-songwriter, best known for having written the songs "Four Strong Winds" and "Someday Soon", performe ..
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George Roper

  George Roper (15 May 1934 – 1 July 2003) was an English comedian, best known for his appearances in the long-running UK television series The Comedians. Ear ..
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Mario Villavarayan

  Mario Suresh Villavarayan ( ; born 22 August 1973 in Colombo, Sri Lanka) is a former Sri Lankan cricketer of Tamil origin. He was a right-handed batsman and a righ ..
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Maud Galt

  Maud Galt (c. 1620 c. 1670) was a lesbian accused of witchcraft in 17th century Kilbarchan, Scotland. Biography Maud Galt lived in Kilbarchan, Scotland in the mid ..
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Yoo Ah-in

  Uhm Hong-sik (born October 6, 1986), known professionally as Yoo Ah-in, is a South Korean actor, creative director, and gallerist. He is known for playing a divers ..
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  Kottaram is a village located in Kanyakumari district in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu. Kottaram the word origin from Malayalam meaning Palace. So Kottaram means ..
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Moomin comic strips

  Moomin ( or ' ; ) is a comic strip created by Tove Jansson, and followed up by Lars Jansson, featuring their Moomin family of characters. The first comic strip, en ..
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Google Kythe

 Google Kythe is a source code indexer and cross-referencer for code comprehension which describes itself as a "pluggable, (mostly) language-agnostic ecosystem for b ..
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Monica Cheema

  The following discussion is an archived debate of the proposed deletion of the article below. Please do not modify it.Subsequent comments should be made on the app ..
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Draft Czech kiln-cast glass

  Czech kiln-cast glass can be dated to the 1950s which was influenced by The Velvet Revolution for the glass industries in Czech... . Czech kiln-cast glass was esta ..
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