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The New Republic

  The New Republic is an American magazine of commentary on politics, contemporary culture, and the arts. Founded in 1914 by several leaders of the progressive movem ..
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Kisdon Force

 thumbright260pxKisdon Forcethumbright260pxKisdon Force in August 2006 after a night of rainKisdon Force is a series of waterfalls on the River Swale in Swaledale, E ..
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Ali Najim

  Ali Najem AlQumani ( , born 25 March 1989) is a Kuwaiti radio personality who is a former producer and director for Marina FM radio station in Kuwait.Early life Al ..
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Story of Wine

 Story of Wine (스토리 오브 와인 Seutori obeu wain) is a 2008 South Korean film directed by Lee Cheol-ha and starring Lee Ki-woo. It i ..
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Pulitzer Prize for Poetry

  The Pulitzer Prize for Poetry is one of the seven American Pulitzer Prizes awarded annually for Letters, Drama, and Music. It first presented in 1922 for a distin ..
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Institute for Strategy and Reconciliation

 The Institute for Strategy and Reconciliation (ISR, also known as The International Strategy and Reconciliation Foundation, Incorporated) is an independent, non-pro ..
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International Ethics Standards Board for Accountants

  The International Ethics Standards Board for Accountants (IESBA) develops and promotes the International Code of Ethics for Professional Accountants (including Int ..
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Justin Hickey

  Sir Justin Hickey (5 April 1920 – 21 August 2005) was an Australian businessman, insurance executive and philanthropist.His father Simon Hickey was a New So ..
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PanSa East F.C.

  PanSa East FC are an American Samoan association football club from Pago Pago who compete in the ASFA Soccer League. PanSa are four-time winners of the domestic le ..
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Dan Shaughnessy

  Dan Shaughnessy (born July 20, 1953) is an American sports writer. He has covered the Boston Red Sox for The Boston Globe since 1981. In 2016, he was given the J.G ..
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List of Bishop's College School alumni

  Bishop's College School, a private secondary school founded in 1836 in Sherbrooke, Québec, Canada owns an Old boy network. Former male students are referred as ..
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Christine Rimmer

 Christine Rimmer (born January 28 in California, U.S.) is a USA Today and Waldenbooks bestselling U.S. writer of over 60 romance novels, which she began writing in ..
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Laast Romeo

  A musical artist from Bokaro Steel City , 1. His real name is Kaushal Gahlot. He has got fame from the label Laast Romeo Creation. His father name suchit paswan (g ..
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T. J. Stancil

  Thomas J. Stancil (born June 11, 1982 in Bensalem, Pennsylvania) is a strong-side linebacker who played for the Saskatchewan Roughriders of the Canadian Football L ..
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Sport in Vanuatu

 Sports in Vanuatu are played throughout the country. Football (Soccer) Association football is the most popular sport in the country. In 1988, Vanuatu became a mem ..
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List of Great Lakes shipwrecks on the National Register of Historic Places

  This is a list of shipwrecks on the Great Lakes of North America that are listed on the National Register of Historic Places. The locations of National Register pr ..
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LA Dream Team

  The L.A. Dream Team was a hip hop group based in Los Angeles, California, active 1985-1989, 1993, and 1996. The group was founded by Chris "Snake Puppy" Wilson and ..
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Afghanistan national handball team

  Afghanistan national handball team is the national handball team of Afghanistan. National team is governed by Afghanistan handball federation. Afghanistan handbal ..
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Gallery Project

 {{multiple issuesGallery or Menalto Gallery is an open-source project enabling management and publication of digital photographs and other media through a PHP-enabl ..
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Heather MacAllister

  Heather W. MacAllister (born Texas, United States) is a writer of over 40 romance novels since 1990, principally as Heather MacAllister. She also signed her novels ..
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Elgg (software)

  Elgg is open source social networking software that provides individuals and organizations with the components needed to create an online social environment. It of ..
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Marri (name)

Italian surnames
 Marri may refer to the following people:;Given name Marri Chenna Reddy (1919–1996), Indian politician Marri Nallos, pop singer from the Philippines ;Surna ..
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ICC profile

  In color management, an ICC profile is a set of data that characterizes a color input or output device, or a color space, according to standards promulgated by the ..
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Transfer learning

 Transfer learning (TL) is a research problem in machine learning (ML) that focuses on storing knowledge gained while solving one problem and applying it to a differ ..
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Comparison of office suites

 The following tables compare general and technical information for a number of office suites: General information { -! Office suite! Windows! Mac OS! GNU/Linux! BS ..
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Francisco Torrent-Guasp

  Francisco ("Paco") Torrent-Guasp (Gandia, 1931 - Madrid, 2005). was a spanish cardiologist whose research focused on the anatomy and physiology of the human hear ..
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Moon TV

  Moon TV is a New Zealand comedy television series. It is produced by Leigh Hart. In 2006 the show received NZD$176,324 in funding from NZ on Air for six half-hour ..
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List of Harlequin Romance novels released in 2009

  This is a list of List of Harlequin Romance novels released in 2009. Releases { class="wikitable sortable"-! Number !! Title !! Author !! Date/Year released-#4069 ..
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Kate Watterson

 Kate Watterson is an author of suspense and romance novels.Watterson's Ellie MacIntosh series is about a Wisconsin homicide detective.Frozen, Publishers Weekly, 11/ ..
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Kenneth Kluivert

 Kenneth Ramon Kluivert is a Surinamese former footballer who played as a left winger for S.V. Robinhood in the SVB Hoofdklasse, and for the Suriname national team. ..
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Bearspaw, Alberta

 Bearspaw is in the North American country of Canada, positioned in Southern Alberta. It is a small rural community with a population of 5,567 (2018) that is situat ..
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  Wurzbach is a town in the Saale-Orla-Kreis district, in southern Thuringia, Germany. It is situated southeast of Saalfeld, and northwest of Hof.History Within the ..
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Grand Duchess Kira Kirillovna of Russia

  Grand Duchess Kira Kirillovna of Russia (9 May 1909 – 8 September 1967) was the second daughter of Grand Duke Kirill Vladimirovich of Russia and Princess Vi ..
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Visa requirements for Solomon Islands citizens

  Visa requirements for Solomon Islands citizens are administrative entry restrictions by the authorities of other states placed on citizens of Solomon Islands. As o ..
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Film Articles

  left20px This page is automatically recreated from time to time. Accordingly, any changes you make here will be overwitten. See below for details.There are too man ..
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Bristol Blitz

  (left) viewed from the south east, following a bombing raid on the area now known as Castle ParkThe Bristol Blitz was the heavy bombing of Bristol, England, by the ..
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Mark Leslie (footballer)

  Mark Kelo Leslie (born August 20, 1978 in Punta Gorda, Belize) is a Belizean footballer who used to play for the Belize national team .Profile on Soca ..
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Garfield Township

 Garfield Township may refer to:Illinois Garfield Township, Grundy County, Illinois Iowa Garfield Township, Calhoun County, Iowa Garfield Township, Clay County, I ..
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See Poy House

Queensland Heritage
 See Poy House is a heritage-listed house at 134 Edith Street, Innisfail, Cassowary Coast Region, Queensland, Australia. It was built between 1929 and 1932. It was a ..
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Miller Reese Hutchison

  Miller Reese Hutchison (August 6, 1876 – February 16, 1944) was an American electrical engineer and inventor. He developed some of the first portable electr ..
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Dan Warner

  Dan Warner is the Director for The Michael and Sara Moskau Institute of Archaeology and the Center for Archaeological Research, professor of Old Testament and Arc ..
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Brian Viloria

  Brian Viloria (born November 24, 1980) is an American retired professional boxer of Filipino descent. He is a former unified WBA and WBO flyweight champion, as wel ..
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  The Wikimedia was a cluster of servers that ran all the Wikipedia Toolserver tools; it was operated by Wikimedia Deutschland e. V.http://w ..
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Virginia State Route 612 (Fairfax and Prince William Counties)

  State Route 612 in Fairfax and Prince William Counties, Virginia is a secondary state highway.VA DOT Daily Traffic Volume Estimates (Fairfax) 2007 Retrieved June 1 ..
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List of North Korean websites banned in South Korea

  in Japan carries articles of the Korean Central News Agency (KCNA) and is blocked in South Korea., there are 65 North Korean-run and pro-North Korean websites bloc ..
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XXXX Panzer Corps

  XXXX Panzer Corps was a tank corps in the German Army during World War II.History The XXXX. Armeekorps was formed on January 26, 1940 in Lubeck in the Wehrkreis X. ..
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Gary Lewis (outdoor writer)

  Gary Lewis (born in 1967) is an outdoor writer, author and TV host residing in Bend, Oregon. Personal life Lewis was raised in southwest Washington (Kalama and V ..
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Harry Dorsey Gough

 Harry Dorsey Gough (28 January 1745 â€“ 8 May 1808) was a prominent 18th-century merchant, planter, and patron of the fledgling Methodist Church in Baltim ..
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  Scaphella is a genus of large sea snails, marine gastropod mollusks in the family Volutidae, the volutes.Bail, P. (2012). Scaphella. Accessed through: World Regist ..
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Draft Jennifer Meehan

  Jennifer Meehan is an author, archivist and librarian. She has published articles and essays on archives and their importance in researching history. She has serve ..
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Spam LinkReports

  Reporting statistics of link; 27 records. . resolves to - . Link is not on the blacklist. Reports 22: ..
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Gordon Sawley

  Gordon Harold "Gertie" Sawley (28 June 1913 – 14 August 1942) was an Australian rules footballer who played with South Melbourne in the Victorian Football League ..
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Phyllanthus niruri

  {{speciesboxname = Chanca piedraimage = Phyllanthus niruri 03520.jpggenus = Phyllanthusspecies = niruriauthority = L.synonyms =synonyms_ref = Phyllanthus niruri i ..
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Ramot Meir

 Ramot Meir ( , lit. Meir Heights) is a small moshav in central Israel. Located in the Shephelah around four kilometres south of Rehovot, it falls under the jurisdic ..
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Doug E. Doug

Living people
  {{Multiple issuesDoug E. Doug (born January 7, 1970, Douglas Bourne) is an American actor, comedian, screenwriter, producer, and film director. He started his care ..
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Iran Article alerts Archive

  AfD 18 Dec 2010 – Hamid Taqvaee AfDed by DrPhosphorus was deleted; see Wikipedia:Articles for deletion/Hamid Taqvaeediscussion 31 Dec 2010 – Farhad ..
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Shark Tale (video game)

 Shark Tale is a 2004 video game based on the film of the same name that was released on PlayStation 2, Microsoft Windows, Game Boy Advance, GameCube and Xbox. The G ..
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Spam LinkReports

  Links * resolves to // *: * Link is not on the blacklist. * Link is not on the domainredlist. * Link ..
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Nothing's Gonna Change My Love for You

  "Nothing's Gonna Change My Love for You" is a song written by composers Michael Masser and Gerry Goffin. It was originally recorded by American singer and guitaris ..
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Frank Land

  Fred Frank Land (born Frank Landsberger; October 1928) is a German-born information systems researcher and was the first United Kingdom Professor of Information Sy ..
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Mohammed Mulibah Sherif

Living people
  Mohammed Mulibah Sherif (born 16 April 1975) is the General Manager of regional transmission company TRANSCO CLSG (Cote d'Ivoire, Liberia, Sierra Leone, Guinee) ba ..
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Madge Weinstein

 Madge Bertha Weinstein is a fictional Internet personality who maintains Yeast Radio, which has developed a cult following and was among the 50 most-subscribed-to ..
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'40s Junction

  '40s Junction is a commercial-free music channel on the Sirius XM Radio platform, broadcasting on channel 73; as well as Dish Network channel 6073. The channel mai ..
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Arrows A21

 The Arrows A21 was the car with which the Arrows Formula One team competed in the 2000 Formula One season. It was driven by Spaniard Pedro de la Rosa, in his secon ..
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   Rapper Nahshcahsh (Kevin Muteti) was born on November 13, 1998, in Nairobi, Kenya. As a Kenyan upcoming performer, the celebrated interstellar has majored in ..
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Paul Boafo

Living people
  Paul Kwabena Boafo is a Ghanaian theologian and minister who was elected as the twelfth Presiding Bishop of the Methodist Church Ghana in 2018. He previously se ..
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 Požarevac ( , ) is a city and the administrative centre of the Braničevo District in eastern Serbia. It is located between three rivers: Danube, Great Morava and ..
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Carlos M. Cardoso

 Carlos M. Cardoso (born in Angola) is an American businessman and formerly chairman, president and chief executive officer of Kennametal, a metalworking and tool pr ..
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Mila Hernando

  Milagros Hernando Echevarría (12 January 1957 – 23 October 2017) was a Spanish diplomat. Biography After earning licentiates in Political Science and Soc ..
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  Agbadi is a village in Benue State, eastern Nigeria.Agbadi on Geography The village lies 15 km northeast of Makurdi, the state capital, and i ..
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Google hacking

  Google hacking, also named Google Dorking,Term Of The Day: Google Dorking - Business Insider Google dork q ..
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Hersilia (spider)

Araneomorphae genera
  {{Automatic taxoboxfossil_range = taxon=Hersiliaimage=Hersilia.yaeyamaensis.female.-.takinawa.jpgimage_caption=A female H. yaeyamaensis from Okinawaimage2=Two Tail ..
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Richard Sharpe Shaver

  thumbrightShaver's run of Amazing cover stories continued in September 1945 with "Cave City of Hel"File:Amazing stories 194512.jpgthumbright"Quest of Brail" closed ..
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Sulzbach, Hesse

 Sulzbach is a municipality in the Main-Taunus district, in Hesse, Germany and part of the Frankfurt Rhein-Main urban area.History Sulzbach is first referred to in 1 ..
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Lorenzo Carter

  {{multiple issuesMajor Lorenzo Carter was the first permanent settler in Cleveland, Ohio, United States.Born in 1767, Carter spent his early years in Warren, Conne ..
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1938–39 Mansfield Town F.C. season

  The 1938–39 season was Mansfield Town's eighth season in the Football League and third in the Third Division South, they finished in 16th position with 39 p ..
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Mansfield school desegregation incident

  The Mansfield school desegregation incident is a 1956 event in the Civil Rights Movement in Mansfield, Texas, a suburb of the Dallas–Fort Worth metroplex.In ..
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List of Alpha Phi Alpha brothers

  The list of Alpha Phi Alpha brothers (commonly referred to as Alphas) includes initiated and honorary members of Alpha Phi Alpha (ΑΦΑ), the first inte ..
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Eliot Cutler

  The following discussion is an archived debate of the proposed deletion of the article below. Relisting comment: Reopened and relisted per Wikipedia:Deletion revi ..
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Russian surnames
 Solovyov, Solovyev, Solovjev, or Soloviev (Russian: Соловьёв) is a Russian masculine surname, its feminine forms are Solovyova, Solovyeva o ..
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1939 Southwark North by-election

 rightthumb260pxSouthwark North in 1939The Southwark North by-election by-election, 1939 was a parliamentary by-election held on 19 May 1939 for the British House of ..
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  Basse-Terre ( ) is a commune in the Guadeloupe department of France in the Lesser Antilles. It is also the prefecture (capital city) of Guadeloupe.INSEE The city o ..
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Lee Soon-jae

  Lee Soon-jae (born November 16, 1934 ) is a South Korean actor. He has had a prolific career on the small and big screen spanning over six decades, and was give ..
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Women in Red LBT Women Transgender women

 {{Wikidata listsparql=SELECT ?item WHERE {?item wdt:P21 wd:Q1052281 .FILTER NOT EXISTS { ?wfr schema:about ?item . ?wfr schema:isPartOf . FILTER( ?item NOT IN (wd ..
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Taslim Olawale Elias

  Taslim Olawale Elias (11 November 1914 â€“ 14 August 1991) was a Nigerian jurist. He was Attorney-General and Chief Justice of Nigeria and a judge and Pr ..
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Castle Gate, Nottingham

  Castle Gate is an historic street in the centre of the city of Nottingham between Lister Gate and Castle Road.History The early name for the street was Frenchgate, ..
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Texas Tax Code Chapter 313

 Texas Tax Code Chapter 313 (aka the Texas Economic Development Act) creates a state program for certain large businesses to limit the appraised value on their prope ..
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Madonna University, Elele

  Madonna University is a private catholic university in Nigeria.History Founded on 10 May 1999 in Okija, Anambra State, it was established by Father Edeh. Edeh had ..
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Southwark St John Horsleydown

  Southwark St John Horsleydown was a small parish on the south bank of the River Thames in London, opposite the Tower of London. The name Horsleydown, apparently ..
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Lundgren and Maurer

  Lundgren & Maurer was an Austin, Texas architecture firm active from 1950 until 1973. The firm was composed of principals Leonard J. Lundgren and Edward J. Maurer. ..
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Heritage High School (Frisco, Texas)

 {{Multiple issuesHeritage High School is a public high school located in Frisco, Texas (USA) and is part of the Frisco Independent School District. Heritage opened ..
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St Albans F.C.

  St Albans F.C. were a football club based in St Albans, England. They were founded in 1881 and competed in the Southern League in the 1897–98 and 1898†..
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Ariel Gore

 Ariel Gore (born June 25, 1970) is a journalist, memoirist, novelist, nonfiction author, and teacher. Gore has authored more than ten novels. Gore's fiction and no ..
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Lorenzo Carter (American football)

  Lorenzo Carter (born December 10, 1995) is an American football linebacker for the New York Giants of the National Football League (NFL). He played college footbal ..
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Estherwood (Dobbs Ferry, New York)

 Estherwood is a late 19th-century mansion located on the campus of The Masters School in Dobbs Ferry, New York, United States. It was the home of industrial tycoon ..
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List of New Zealand firefighters killed in the line of duty

  This is a list of New Zealand Firefighters killed in the line of duty. As of 2017, 62 firefighters have been killed, of which 23 have died while responding to an i ..
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Hempstead Plains

  The Hempstead Plains is a region of central Long Island, in what is now Nassau County, in New York State. It was once an open expanse of native grassland estimated ..
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Tony McCarthy Recordings

  Tony McCarthy Recordings was a New Zealand record label owned by record producer Tony McCarthy. Some of the artists on the label were Deane Waretini and Mahia Blac ..
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Ahmadu Musa Kida

  Ahmadu Musa Kida is a Nigerian engineer and former basketball player. He hails from Borno State in Nigeria . He is the Deputy Managing Director, Deep Water Servi ..
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St Werburgh's Church, Spondon

 St. Werburgh's Church, Spondon, is a parish church in the Church of England located in Spondon, Derbyshire.The Buildings of England. Derbyshire. Nikolaus PevsnerHis ..
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Clara Hapgood Nash

 Clara Holmes Hapgood Nash (January 15, 1839 – March 18, 1921) was an American lawyer who was the first woman admitted to the bar in New England (Maine).Famil ..
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Chalice of Crossdrum

  The Chalice of Crossdrum is a lost Roman Catholic liturgical vessel.Physical description The chalice itself is described as,History The Chalice of Crossdrum was ..
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Adam Hodgson

 Adam Hodgson (1788–1862) was an English merchant in Liverpool, known also as a writer and abolitionist. Life He was the son of Thomas Hodgson, a Liverpool me ..
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Peterborough Software

  Peterborough Software was a Payroll and Human Resources software and services company started in Peterborough, England in 1963. It is notable for being a pioneer o ..
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List of Doraemon (1979 TV series) episodes

 This article provides a list of the 1787 episodes and 30 specials of the version of the Japanese anime Doraemon that began airing in 1979 and stopped in 2005, when ..
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List of caricatures at Sardi's

  The following is an incomplete alphabetized list of celebrities who have posed for caricatures at Sardi's restaurant in New York City. All of the listed individual ..
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2000 Paris–Roubaix

 The 2000 Paris–Roubaix was the 98th running of the Paris–Roubaix single-day cycling race, often known as the Hell of the North. It was held on 9 April ..
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Golden Boy of the Blue Ridge

  Golden Boy of the Blue Ridge is a musical based on the Irish classic Playboy of the Western World by John Millington Synge. The music was written by Peter Mills w ..
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Spam LinkReports

  Reporting statistics of link; 52 records. . resolves to - . Link is not on the blacklist. Whitelist search for link elmundo ..
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Meanings of minor planet names 56001–57000

  56001–56100 -id=04156041 Luciendumont Lucien Dumont, aeronautics engineer who worked for the French Railways (SNCF) -id=08856088 Wuheng Heng Wu, le ..
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Portal Denmark Selected article 16

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List of MT-32-compatible computer games

  This article aims to list all computer games that provide support for the Roland MT-32 family of sound modules. A separate major section is provided (in alphabetic ..
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Central Presbyterian Church (Hamilton)

 Central Presbyterian Church is a Presbyterian Church in Canada congregation in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada, located in the downtown area at the corner of Charlton (16 ..
ago 7 hour , 40 minute 37 view

Lord Hornblower

  Lord Hornblower (published 1946) is a Horatio Hornblower novel written by C. S. Forester.In 1814, Hornblower is delegated to deal with the Flame, a brig full of mu ..
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Angelina Teny

Living people
  Angelina Jany Teny is a South Sudanese politician who was state minister of Energy and Mining in the Khartoum-based Government of National Unity between 2005 and 2 ..
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Alan Jones "Died of Shame" controversy

  The following discussion is an archived debate of the proposed deletion of the article below. ✍ ✉21:01, 20 November 2012 (UTC) Delete And merge into the ..
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Administrators' noticeboard Archive99

  Account termination - GH Hello there. I am requesting that my account be terminated as soon as practical, so it cannot be logged into. Enjoyed my stay here, and ..
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List of Royal Observer Corps United Kingdom Warning and Monitoring Organisation Posts (A–E)

  This is a list of Royal Observer Corps (ROC) nuclear monitoring posts incorporated into the United Kingdom Warning and Monitoring Organisation (UKWMO).;List of Roy ..
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Little Italy, Baltimore

 Little Italy is a neighborhood located in southeastern Baltimore, Maryland. The neighborhood is known for its strong Italian-American heritage and identity. The nei ..
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Herz (surname)

German surnames
 Herz is a German surname meaning heart. Notable people with the surname include: Adam Herz, American writer and producer Adolf Herz, Austrian Engineer, inventor of ..
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Andrea Lupo Sinclair

  The following discussion is an archived debate of the proposed deletion of the article below. Please do not modify it.Subsequent comments should be made on the app ..
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Government House, Jersey

  Government House is the official residence of the Lieutenant Governor of Jersey. The building is situated in the parish of St Saviour in Jersey. It is also used fo ..
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Osina, Ideato North

  Osina is a town in Ideato North Local Government of Imo State, Nigeria and is under Orlu senatorial zone. Osina has four villages: Eluama, Uhualla, Ofeke, Umuduru/ ..
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Aryaman Vikram Birla Institute of Learning

  Aryaman Vikram Birla Institute of Learning is an English medium co-educational day school located in the city of Haldwani, Uttarakhand. Aryaman Vikram Birla Instit ..
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Bassfield, Mississippi

 Bassfield is a town in Jefferson Davis County, Mississippi, United States. The population was 254 at the 2010 census, down from 315 at the 2000 census. As of 2017, ..
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